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Teen Wolf Ep. 5: Venomous

June 26th, 2012

Last week we had the reptile almost kill Derek, Stiles, the Jackson-lookalike mechanic… the list goes on. This week? We’re going to find out just who the reptile is. Place your bets now kids because I’ve done the leg work and it’ll be revealed at the end of this recap. Oh! And spoiler alert: Grandad Gerard won’t be in this episode so you can sleep better tonight (I got your back). Last week I placed my bet on Lydia being the reptile. Does Lydia have the killer instinct? Is she just ramping herself up to kill Jackson for being… Jackson? Watch the show now!

We bust in a training sesh between Jackson and his BFF Danny. Unfortunately Jackson gets man-napped by Erica. Derek, in an effort to make good on his “I’m gonna kill it!” claims from last week, does the reptilian litmus test and he fails. So who’s left, Derek? Lydia and … someone else. A stranger, perhaps. Probz. Why? Because no one really wants Lydia dead, right? I mean, she’s a series regular!

Isaac gets Jackson to lie to Sheriff Stalinsky and now, he’s back in school. Doing his best Teen Vampire impression, Edward Cullen styles. I see right through that smirk Issac!

“Just an undying admiration for my coach!” Oh, who’s trying to be funny now? Jackson tips off the boys that Erica and Isaac are going to try to test Lydia in Chemistry. Uh-oh. That means that the gang are going to have to make sure that she doesn’t get outed as the Kanima/reptile.

Looks like Lydia has bigger problems other than potentially being 100% pure evil. She’s still being plagued with Peter Hale, who won’t leave her mind alone.

That. Is. The. Scariest. Thing. I’ve. Ever. Seen.

So now the Scooby Gang needs to protect Lydia from herself and from Isaac and Erica. During musical chairs we learn that (1) Erica be crazy! (2) Isaac also is insane (3) Allison can take a claw to the thigh like nobody’s business.

She can also shoot.

Stiles can’t. But no matter, they gotta convince Derek that Lydia isn’t the monster. And they also need to prove it to themselves.

Ugh. THAT FACE. Maya I mean Counselor What’s Her Face is trying to dig deep into Lydia. What, she’s not all lip gloss and duck faces underneath all that hair? Oh right, she’s a smart cookie. Gotcha.

I’m sorry, but one of my favourite characters is Jackson’s BFF. I hope he has a happy ending in this show.

So Derek reveals that sometimes people when they become shape shifters become something that they are innately. Like if you’re a kind person you might because a cuddly werewolf? I don’t know how it works but all signs point to Lydia.

However when Scott gets caught by Coach, he realizes that the shapeshifter might not be Lydia, but be … Danny. And with the loaded knowledge gained by Allison from the counsellor, the evil being just wants a friend (but accidentally kills everything in its sight), the reptilian might be Danny. Uh-oh.

Allison, Jackson, and Stiles whisk Lydia safely to Scott’s house.

As Jackson corners Lydia he realizes his senses are picking up minute details. He now can tell when people are lying, like Lydia. But he’ll have to return to that thought later because Team Derek are now waiting outside the McCaul residence.

And as this is happening Scott find Danny and figures out that the smoking gun pads weren’t Danny’s but someone else.

Nope! I was wrong. THIS. IS. THE. SCARIEST. THING. EVER.

Uh oh. Jackson might have a heart. But he’s a jerk. Too bad Lydia doesn’t mind making out with jerks. I wonder if she likes reptilians because it looks like Jackson IS THE KANIMA!!! And now Derek and his goons are trying to bust in. And they do.

I don’t even want to comment on this, but Allison… is the best.

Alright so after all that, finally both teams know that Jackson is the reptile…

We find him going all, “Mommy?” to a gloved person in a car who he innately knows. Weird. My money is on the counselor. Gotta give Maya more lines, right? The only way to figure that out is to watch next week for the next episode of Teen Wolf on MuchMusic Mondays at9pm ET/ 6pm PT!

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