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Ten things we know about Monday’s Pretty Little Liars finale

March 18th, 2012

On Monday at 8 pm ET we will finally have some questions answered on Pretty Little Liars. The cast and crew have promised that A’s identity will be revealed in the finale, but in the end will viewers be left with even more questions? To prepare for Monday’s most epic of epic finales, let’s look at the facts and clues and try to figure out just who has the best texting plan in all of Rosewood.

Watch the Season 2 finale of Pretty Little Liars Monday at 8 pm ET on MuchMusic.

1. ‘A’ is dressed as the black swan, meaning A is most likely a woman.

2. PLL is known for bringing characters back throughout the season and in this promo we see that Caleb, Toby and Lucas are all present and accounted for. While all three boys have tried to help the girls find out A’s identity, it doesn’t mean they’re not working with A.

3. In the promo we see that the girl dressed as the black swan has brown hair. This means it could be Mona, Maya, Melissa or Jenna. Melissa is pregnant and the black swan didn’t look to be showing, but this doesn’t mean that A isn’t two people. Also, all the girls have the letter ‘A’ in their name.

4. From last week’s episode we know that Jenna can definitely see and didn’t really mean the apology she gave the girls at school. Her spot at the top of the suspect list is still safe. Also, we still don’t know who started the fire in Jason’s house, meaning Jenna could have been holding the matches and planned the ‘accident’ to make herself look innocent.

5. Alison visited Spencer in her dream last week and while all signs have pointed to Alison being dead, (autopsy report, funeral, etc.) we also know that she may have been working with Wren and Garrett, who were both around when she went missing and could have helped forge papers for her. Both men seem to be very involved with the four girls.

6. Spencer talks about playing hide and seek with Melissa and it looks like she’s finally ready to turn her sister into the police.

7. Whatever was on page five of Alison’s autopsy report was enough to get Garrett arrested for Ali’s murder. Garrett asked Jenna to keep the page safe, but Jenna used it against Garrett, which landed him in jail last week (after kissing Melissa). If Jenna is A then putting all eyes on Garrett would keep the police from suspecting her involvement, which makes her look even more guilty to the viewer.

8. There are a number of characters that have disappeared for a few episodes, which would make their return to Rosewood and their reveal as A even more shocking. We can’t forget about Noel Kahn, Maya, Lucas, Officer Wilden, Jackie (Ezra’s ex), Katie (Hanna’s step-sister), Paige (Emily’s sorta-ex) and Holden.

9. Maya has essentially disappeared, Toby is ignoring Spencer, things with Hanna and Caleb seem okay (even though she made him kiss Mona), but Aria? Aria and Ezra’s relationship is imploding and they have the most eyeballs on them. Are we paying attention to their relationship because it has something to do with A?

10. The biggest twist possible? Emily, Spencer, Hanna or Aria as A. Mind = blown.


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