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The 15 Different Types of Moms

May 9th, 2014


Mother’s Day is this Sunday and if you just read that and said out loud, “Oh crap, I forgot!” well, I also forgot and we still have time! As you spend the next few hours figuring out how to shower your mom with love this weekend, you can read this blog to get you in the Mother’s Day spirit!

1. The Mom That Asks You A Million Questions
“Where are you going?” “Who are you going out with?” “When will you be home?” “Will you be home for dinner?” “Call me!”


2. The Nosey Mom
“Who do you like?” “Are they cute?” “Are they your ‘special’ friend?”


3. The Mom That Gives You 20 Bucks For Lunch on Friday
I’m going to buy all the candy


4. The Mom That Tries To Get On Your Level And Listen To “Cool” Music
“Do you know this band Mumford & Sons?”


5. The “I Want To Talk Like My Child So We Can Connect” Mom


6. The Mom That Slips A Little Something Extra Into Your Juice ;)


7. The Mom That Doesn’t Sugarcoat ~Anything~
It’s for your own good.


8. The Mom That Dances In Public
I’ve never seen this person in my life *backs away slowly*


9. The MILF


10. Stacy’s Mom

11. The Mom That Can Put Up With You Even When You’re Doing This:

12. The Emotional Mom
That’s nice and all but can you do that somewhere else?


13. The Mom(s) That Just Want To Give You A Hug


14.The Mom Who Stands Up For You


15. The Mom That’s Your Best Friend
Are you crying yet?

giphy (2)

Happy Mother’s Day!


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