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The 6 Best Examples of Chor-Twee-Ography in Music Video

August 13th, 2013


Okay, I realize that “Chor-Twee-Ography” is as awkward as some of the dancing in these videos itself, but it gets the point across. This week Erlend Øye, better known as the bespectacled one from Kings of Convenience, released a video for his new single, ” La Prima Estate,” the title track from his new solo album. Despite the fact that he is a Norwegian singing in Italian, the most attention-grabbing bit of the video is towards the end, when he and his mates break into a choreographed dance that is just so precious it raised the question: What other music videos out there feature dance sequences that are a little bit awkward, a little bit adorable, and overall so twee it hurts?

She & Him “I Could’ve Been Your Girl”
Is there is a tweeier individual on this planet than Zooey Deschanel? No. Between naming her website Hello Giggles, starring in 50 Days of Summer and directing and starring in this video, she has raised the yardstick to a height that no one can ever topple. Extra precious points for the 2:11 mark.

Death Cab For Cutie “You Are A Tourist”
Whoops, did I just follow Zooey with her ex-husband’s own display of tweedom? Yes I did. Now it’s important to point out that the dancing isn’t so much twee here, but anything that occurs within ten metres of the band’s flashing heart light on their blazers is automatically guilty by association.

Björk “It’s Oh So Quiet”
It’s hard to label someone so chameleonic, innovative and just plain bizarre as Björk as twee, but this uncharacteristic video is tweed out to the max. A perfect example of her unpredictability, the Icelandic tweeheart adopts a colour palette Zooey D would wink at, plus she also does a little dance with a USPS mailbox. C’mon! Plus all of that cutesy shhh-ing at the start is just so adorably polite it makes me wonder why she wasn’t also carrying a Blithe doll.

Metronomy “Radio Ladio”
So the guys in Metronomy can’t dance, and the point of this video is to say, “Hey, we can’t dance. But if you paint our skin, give us homemade keyboards (so twee) and cast a cute indie goddess who shakes her hips, we can definitely up our degree of twee.” And so that’s what they did.

Tilly & The Wall “Beat Control”
Let it be known that Tilly & The Wall have a tap-dancing rhythm section. They are also on a label called Team Love. And this video features a member dancing in a non-ironic tutu. #tweesome

Belle & Sebastian “Funny Little Frog”
There is no such thing as a list of twee things without the inclusion of Belle & Sebastian. The fact that they have a video where Stuart Murdoch not only masterfully cuts a rug with a lady friend (still awkward) but also takes a poorly faked punch to the face makes this the undisputed winner. And it wasn’t even a contest.

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