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The Best Moments of O-Town’s Making the Band

July 28th, 2014

2001 MTV VMA - Radio Forum

O-Town is making a comeback! Why should you care? Not really sure, but give it a try anyway. The boy band that is, debatably, probably number five in the early 2000s boy band power ranking, came and left all too quickly. They were put together on a reality show by Lou Pearlman, the man behind Backstreet Boys and N*Sync and also a criminal. Making the Band was a staple of my Friday night viewing. So, to celebrate their new album Lines and Circles that comes out this Sunday (God’s day) we are going to write about O-Town every day this week. Today, the five best moments from Making The Band.

Ikaika Leaves O-Town
This was the biggie. After making it to the final five, Ikaika Kahoano decided to leave O-Town. The show documented the emotional turmoil the Hawaiian stud was feeling and how the relationship with his family and girlfriend helped influence his decision. During contract negotiations, Ikaika’s brother played the role of Ikaika’s spokesperson which troubled bandmate Ashely Parker Angel. For Making the Band superfans, it was a huge deal when he decided to leave. He later said in an interview that he didn’t respect his bandmates on a musical or personal level. Ouch. Ikaika went on to be in another boy band LMNT with fellow Making the Band finalists Bryan Chan and Mike Miller.

Dan Returns to Replace Ikaika
The big winner from Ikaika’s departure was Dan Miller who was brought in to replace him. Dan had been cut earlier in the season but was selected to be the new fifth member by the four other guys. Personally, I think it was a good call. Dan was never my favourite. I rotated between Jacob and Trevor. But he definitely filled the J.C. Chasez role in the band. Cute and baby-faced but for girls who preferred brunettes over blondes. This also marked the moment when the band felt like a real unit. I mean, I’m sure that is what they would say.

Shelli Breaks Up With Ashley
Let’s just put it out there. When I was a teen watching Making the Band, I thought Ashley’s girlfriend Shelli was beautiful. Ashley was clearly the sweet heartthrob of the group but Shelli seemed like a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model to me. At the time. She also had the voice of a Disney mouse. Shelli ends things with Ashley in a hotel room on the road because she never sees him anymore. It sure is hard out there for a boy band girlfriend. Ashley also wrote a song for her called A Song For Shelli. The lyrics include gems like “You may speak a thousand words but a picture’s in my mind,” and “Empty words and empty promises. Please don’t say goodbye.” Phew. Am I the only one moved by this realness.

Miss America Disaster
O-Town performed Liquid Dreams at the 2000 Miss America pageant. It was horrendous and they knew it. According to their confessionals on Making the Band, the in ear instrumental track of the song faded quieter and quieter before they were singing along to no music. Just rewatching the performance right now makes me want to call in sick from work with second hand embarrassment. Watching the guys watching it back is just, ugh… the worst. Proceed with caution.

Erik Throws A Towel In The Crowd
This may sounds like your regular stage performer gesture. You get sweaty. There is a clean towel standing by. You wipe your face. You throw the sweaty towel to a grateful girl in the crowd. Well, when you are a Lou Pearlman band controlled at every step by the boy band puppet master, no towels shall be thrown without permission. Erik was told explicitly not to throw a towel in the audience (maybe for budget reasons?) but he did it anyway. Trying to solidify himself as the rebel of the group, Erik said, “That is going to be my trademark. I don’t care. I’m going to throw that towel out every time.” Rise against your oppressors Erik!

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