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The Best Street Style From Lily Allen’s Trip To Glastonbury

July 24th, 2014

Day 1 - Glastonbury Festival

Lily Allen has been coming fast and furious with her new music videos. Her latest, As Long As I Got You came out today and it is just a sweet ol’ ball of fun. The video starts out with Lily recounting all of the times she has been at the Glastonbury Festival starting from when she was a baby.

She also reveals that the last time she performed at the U.K. festival was when she first got together with her now husband and baby daddy Sam Cooper. But what stands out in the video is some of the outrageous festival fashion the concert goers were sporting. It isn’t unusual for people to go all out for the big weekend but there were some particularly memorable looks. So since we couldn’t make it to Glastonbury ourselves this year, here are our street style picks from Glastonbury Festival 2014.*


Classic Crowns: We’re easing in to things with the first pick. Can it be a music festival without the obligatory girls in denim cut-offs and floral headbands? Well yes, it can. But in 2014, a floral headband is the centre square on the festival fashion bingo card. Will there ever be a time when the child of the forest look isn’t popular? My guess, not soon.


Breaking Bad Beauties: Taking a page out of the Book of Bad, these two gents are decked in the wardrobe of choice for Breaking Bad’s Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. Disposable, waterproof, eye protection included and gas mask in case of emergency. These guys have festival fashion down. I always think about practicality when picking a music festival outfit but they take it to the next level. The one downside? The constant demand from fellow festival goers for a selfie.


Bindis Are Bad: There are a few things that I get secondhand embarrassment from seeing people wear at music festivals. Bindis and headdresses. Just not cool.


Rich Uncle Pennybags:Yes that is the name of the Monopoly man. You didn’t know that, did you? I had to look it up too. He has the iconic moustache and the bow tie. Maybe he isn’t explicitly that character but it sure is reminiscent. I can only imagine that he walked around Glastonbury all weekend telling people to go back to start and collect $200.


Festival Nuptials: My question is, did she actually get married at Glastonbury? Because if she did, that is pret-ty cool and something I think Lily Allen would strongly endorse. Let’s just hope that isn’t a Pnina Tornai (shouts to the fellow Say Yes To The Dress fans) because those dresses a day-um expensive. But a wedding dress paired with what I can only presume are the standard Glastonbury wellies is a really good look.


Granny Gnome: I have yet to confirm that this isn’t some popular U.K. character that I just have no idea about. But for now let’s give all the credit of this amazing costume to the man in the blonde wig himself. He pops up a few other places in the video so make sure to watch it through to get a better sense of the full look. It has a sweet grandmother garden gnome vibe to it. If you know that it is a specific character, tweet us @Much!

* From Lily Allen’s “As Long As I Got You” video.

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