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The dangers of your favourite skinny jeans

February 24th, 2012

Have you ever wondered whether your skinny jeans are bad for your health? I never have and until coming across this study from the Wall Street Journal, I never would have even thought of the bodily repercussions of these sartorial favourites.

The article describes health problems arising from fitting “cheese stick legs into matchstick jeans.” Can we accurately assume that this means wearing those skinnies a size lower? Probably. Rocking those too-tight pants can apparently cause “nerve compression, interfere with digestion, abdominal discomfort, distention, heartburn, belching a few hours after eating, lower back pain and lipoatrophia semicircularis or horizontal lesions around the thighs.” WHOO, that was a doozy!

Keep those in mind the next time you slip on your skinnies!

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-Jay de Belen



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