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The Emmy Nominations Have Arrived and Ruined Our Day

July 10th, 2014

Emmy Robbery

The nominations for the 2014 Emmys were announced today and quickly took our Thursday and crapped all over it. How dare you, Emmys. How dare you.

The usual suspects are leading the charge for the upcoming August 25th show, a date we will now refer to as ‘The Day the TV Died’. Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad are well represented on the nomination list, no big surprise and totally well deserved. All good there.

Orange Is The New Black and Scandal both scored a number of noms, again, series that we knew would be front runners on the award show circuit this season. We ain’t got no beefs with either show, good for y’all.

But this is where our good-nature ends. Our beloved Orphan Black and the sent-from-the-heavens-by-way-of-Regina acting goddess that is Tatiana Maslany did not receive any nominations. No nominations. Not a one. What the what?

Is it that her role playing eight different clones was so believable that the Emmy voters didn’t realize she’s one person? Were they worried that no other shows would stand a chance next to the brilliant writing?

Is this a Canadian thing? Are the Emmy people offended our by multi-coloured money in some shots? Are they upset that something filmed in Toronto is actually SUPPOSED to be Toronto? The never, we know.

Did they get confused between Orange is the New Black and Orphan Black and think they’re the same show? Give us something. We need something.

Thankfully, there are amazing members of the Clone Club, like young Jarret, who fixed the Emmy page for those of us suffering from severe devastation today.

Clone Club

As if our day was ruined already, The Mindy Project, Mindy Kaling, and no one in any relation to or from The Mindy Project was nominated. Consider our day more ruined-er.

Oh, and the Emmys asked Mindy Kaling to get out of bed at the crack of dawn, look super chic, and read the list of nominees that didn’t include her. Real jerk move, Emmys.

You’re lucky that our faves Inside Amy Schumer, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, South Park and Degrassi all received nominations. Also, we’re in a good mood, now that Space has announced Orphan Black’s Season 3 renewal. You’re really lucky, Emmys. Watch your back.

I think Mindy Kaling’s tweet following today’s Emmy announcement says it best. Back to bed, indeed.

Mindy Tweet

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