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The Final Word On The Baby Bieber Drama

November 17th, 2011

Yesterday, Justin Bieber’s alleged baby momma quietly withdrew her paternity suit against the singer (well, she did it quietly – the rest of us sang it from the rooftops in a giant “that’s right ya damn liar!“) Today, new evidence has come to light not only is Justin Bieber not the father, but Mariah Yeater made the whole story up to extort money from the singer.

I know, it’s not surprising she was doing this for money – it’s what all us Beliebers suspected anyways. What is surprising is the fact Yeater has no idea how to cover her paper trail. Or rather her text-trail.

According to TMZ, Bieber’s lawyers were given proof from friend of Yeater’s (he refused to be named so TMZ calls him John) who was repeatedly asked by Yeater to delete texts from her mother and herself where she names her ex-boyfriend Robbie as the father of the baby. Further texts hint Yeater was promising money to John after she filed her suit against Bieber.

Um…how did she ever think she was going to win if the paternity test was actually executed?

In any case, there goes any credibility Yeater had that she was just an innocent victim trying to introduce her baby to his father. What will be funny is if the baby grows up to be a giant Justin Bieber fan – that will serve her right!

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