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The goods on The Morning Benders

May 28th, 2010

The Morning Benders

The Goods: The Morning Benders of Berkley, California released their awe-inspiring album Big Echo on Rough Trade in early 2010. The 10 tracks of the album execute absolutely charming melodies, soft hymn-like vocals and a laid back, hazy Californian vibe.

Sounds Like: The love child of The Beach Boys and The Shins who was influenced by its cooler older brother, Grizzly Bear.

Best Tracks: Excuses, Promises, Pleasure Sighs

Why You Should Listen: The band, consisting of Julian Harmon, Tim Or, Jonathan Chu and Christopher Chu, boasts an impressive history, starting with iTunes naming their 2008 debut album “Talking Through Tin Cans” as the best alternative album. And now, for their sophomore release “Big Echo” they have taken it up a notch. With brilliant tracks like Cold War (Nice Clean Fight), All Day Day Light and Stitches, it is no surprise that the album was co-produced by Grizzly Bear bassist Chris Taylor, and in 11 days, might I add. Taylor’s guidance is apparent throughout from the sophisticated indie pop element to the bubbly choruses.

The phenomenal video for Promises is yet another reason to start listening. Featuring preteens engaging in innocent debauchery (smoking, drinking, playing with guns and watching strippers, the usual) along lyrics like “I can’t help thinking we grew up too fast”, capture the essence of The Morning Benders. Big Echo is hands down the perfect lounging-in-the-sun summer album.

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