The Green Drought

October 31st, 2011

I saw a lot of beautiful scenery through the car window as we traveled South of Addis Ababa to Shebedino District with the Plan team. As the landscape changed it became more green and lush. The conversation in the car was often focused on the green drought in an attempt to better understand.

At first glance, the land in the worst hit areas might not appear to be in crisis at all since the region faces a “green drought”. While the landscape appears lush, crop harvests are delayed because of poor or delayed rains. The lack of food has been caused by recurrent drought, population pressure and degradation of land.

There is a need for more irrigation schemes and greater access to fertilizer to support struggling farmers. Over four million people in Ethiopia are in need of assistance from the worst drought to hit the region in decades and, according to the U.N., the situation is expected to worsen in the coming months. The rich beauty of the green countryside makes an eerie backdrop to what is really happening.

Canadians have donated $70 million in September which was matched by the Canadian Government.

Sadly, more international aid is needed to put into place the kind of plan that will sustain Ethiopians and prevent this from happening again.

Your donations are still needed.

-Sarah T.

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