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The Hills are (no longer) alive!

July 14th, 2010

The Hills

How do you even begin to process what happened during the series finale of The Hills? Over four years, six seasons and 102 episodes I’m pretty sure the lyrics to Unwritten are engraved in our heads. The show that has brought us memorable quotes, tears filled with black mascara and dramatic fights has finally come to an end. The lives of these cast members being together will no longer be viewed on a TV episode. Not that they are old or anything, but the fact that the words ‘growing up’ were mentioned so many times has got me questioning whether or not these people have lives outside of The Hills. Apparently they do because of all the tabloids and gossip sites. But I mean, how much could The Hills really mean to any of these people? That clever and shocking ending might have answered my question: not much. Yet, we are so engaged in this show. What else are we suppose to watch now?!

The last episode of The Hills was filled with so many different events. Brody kept teasing the audience with his girlfriend talk. Just confirm it’s Avril Lavigne like we all know it is and move on! Why do you have to go and make things so complicated?! Did you see how everyone called her ‘the girlfriend’ and was ever so careful not to mention her name? Brody has no problems with showing us his girlfriends so why not Avril?

Kristen kept reassuring us that her choice to move to Europe was not based on what had happened with Brody. Come on girl, Brody had everything to do with it! I’m pretty sure if he had wanted to get back with you the move to Europe would not be your decision. You want to create new memories? You do create new ones, everyday, no matter where you are! However, this little idea of hers is not what we all thought it was. She throws a party at the Hollywood Roosevelt anyway and invites all her friends. Who knew she had that many friends?

To sum up the other girls’ endings:
– Audrina has moved to the beach where all bikers who bike by will respond to you.
– Stephanie has found a man who agrees with her that he is a Carebear.
– Lo breaks her rule and moves in with her boyfriend, Scott.
– Stacie is probably worried about where her source of income will now come from.

Did you see that one coming? The ending that shocked everyone! I thought some cool effects were coming as the Hollywood sign was moving and another montage was going to show but no, it was a fake background. The camera zooms out to see that the car Kristen got in has not left and the production team starts to hug everyone. How do you even go about interpreting that ending? Was this series as fake as Heidi’s new body? What else have we been led to believe?! Oh the amount of questions… good thing the Aftershow with Dan Levy and Jessi Cruickshank was there to help us understand.

What else could you expect from the Aftershow? There were many montages, remixes and awkward moments brought up from the past with each cast member. At this point everything was emotional and depressing. You could bet everyone had shed a tear at some point. Dan and Jessi tried to get some answers for those questions you had been waiting for, but no one confirmed anything. Brody said “What’s real or fake? You will never know.” So are you telling me that those crystals Spencer and Heidi had in their house don’t have healing powers?! Speaking of Spencer… I wanted to see him crash the party so badly! He was tweeting up a storm about crashing the show and I was waiting ever so patiently for a flesh coloured beard to show up on my TV screen. He is a ‘sucky person’, but there is no denying that Spencer Pratt made good entertainment and I just wish security wasn’t so tight. What is the worse that he could do? Spill the truth about everyone? Even Lauren Conrad made an appearance and she left the show! As did Whitney Port who has another show!

So, this is it. No more of these people’s lives to gawk at. I think it ended on a good note. Everyone was ‘growing up’ and moving on from everything that has been documented fover the last four years. It’s a big deal but it’s Hollywood, they will manage to make it into our lives somehow again. Lo has got the new website, Audrina is auditioning for movies, Brody may marry Avril. The Hills made them the ‘celebrities’ they are now whether they wanted to be or not. The rest is definitely still unwritten…

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