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The Hunger Games release another clip, this one makes me cry

March 20th, 2012

With only three days left until the world can actually be watching The Hunger Games, the frenzy for all things District 12 is heating up. Another clip from The Hunger Games has been released and in this one we see Gale and Katniss having their final good bye before Katniss is taken to the Capitol to compete as the female District 12 Tribute. I just can’t get over how good these books/this film looks.

Check out the clip below or show more restraint than me and save every moment for Friday. May the odds be ever in your favour of not crying over Gale and Katniss (she could DIE you guys!).

Missed the men of The Hunger Games last night on New.Music.Live.? Watch the whole thing here and find out just how much Josh Hutcherson likes the nickname Peenis.

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