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The Inbetweeners 103: Club Code

September 24th, 2012

Did you watch The Inbetweeners last night? If not, you can watch Club Code here in all its awkward glory. This week the boys somehow get into a club. Read the recap with me to find out what kind of shenanigans they got themselves into!

The boys decide to drink at a bowling alley to be cool. Unfortunately in order to get alcohol they enlist the help of a shady character to keep them company. Fortunately, the dude is full advice. Like to avoid blue balls, you can try lifting a car. Thanks a heap, pedo-dude. I think they could use a reality check not advice for their “P-Pods”.

The boys being tired of telling and selling stories of themselves look for something actually cool to do. They luckily find a way to do something when Carly tells them that she’s planning a girls night out at a club and magically the guys pony up on these plans. Will sees that Carly’s friend Sloan might be interested and really gets excited about going out.

On the way to the club, the boys find themselves in some “P-pod” problems when Neil decides to pee into a can of pop just as Simon mounts the curb by accident, thereby cutting … yeah, you get the picture.

As they’re trying to park, they block an alleyway they they’re not supposed to block. So they enlist the help of a homeless man who demands Simon’s sneakers as a method of payment. Simon forks over his sneakers.

Looks like they hit the mother load.

Jay obeys the “club code” and goes Party Monster on everyone.

Will misreads Sloan’s signals and gets shut down.

Unfortunately Will isn’t just the only guy having problems. Neil’s P-problems cause a bit of awkwardness in the men’s washroom.

Jay has finally got his groove on when he too gets P-problems but more on the blue side of things.

Remembering Pedo-dude’s advice from earlier Jay tries to lift a sink to relieve himself of blue balls. Yep, never thought I’d have to write that one out.

Simon, Carly, and Will watch as Neil and Jay get kicked out of the club… and then all the boys find themselves kicked out. Wait, they just got kicked out of a club. Alright! That’s so tweetable.

You know what else is tweetable? Getting assaulted by a homeless man. Yikes.

Watch the next episode of The Inbetweeners Sundays at 10pm ET/7pm ET right here on MUCH and always check out our The Inbetweeners show page to watch the latest episodes online at

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