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The Inbetweeners 104: The Wrong Box

October 1st, 2012

Did you watch last night’s episode of The Inbetweeners yet? If not, you can watch The Wrong Box right over here and while you’re at it read the recap as we go along. This amount of awkwardness should not go undocumented. This week Will decides that it is time to beef up the ol’ college resume and try to put himself into a few extracurricular activities. However what Will doesn’t realize is that he is about to meet the girl.

While in Mr. Gilbert’s office (Will’s enthusiastic and uptight presence annoying Mr. Gilbert to no end), Will spots the girl of his dreams, Charlotte, who engages in probably the cutest game of imaginary chess with Will. OMG, cute couple alert!

At home, Will does his best detective impression and tries to check out Charlotte’s profile online but it is set to “Private”. Will’s mom gives the wonderful advice of sending a friend request because he has “nothing to lose”. So Will sends the request to Charlotte.

And guess who accepts? The boys fight over the phone to see her full profile and to find out what kinds of things Charlotte is into because Will decides that her interests are now of great interest to him.

Mr. Gilbert is so unimpressed by the plot he knows Will is planning. Will decides to start a cooking club.

Simon jumps on this train because he fears that his obsession with Carly D’Amato is making her stay away from him (um, duh?) and so he decides to join the cooking club to show her that he’s not a freak and somehow it works! Carly is interested in joining the cooking club too.

Will bounds over to Charlotte to tell her about the club and to check out his profile too. In doing so she notes that Will. Has. Made. Her. Name. His. Status. A. Million. Times. Oh yeah that time the boys were fighting over his phone? Yep, the whole lot has butter fingers.

Looks like Charlotte’s ex-boyfriend is pissed.

At the school assembly for Clubs Day, Will has nothing prepared but Carly’s renewed interest in Simon has reinvigorated his confidence and Simon gives an impassioned speech (song?) about Cooking Club. Will ruins it by grabbing the mic and telling the whole school that his account was hacked. And they rush off stage.

At the first Cooking Club meeting, Carly marches in with her boyfriend Bobby who loves to cook. Simon’s plans? Backfired. Simon asks Will to kill the club, and he does.

After everything has been said and done, the boys laugh at Jay who has been trying to get a wet dream the entire episode… then they realize that if they can’t rely on themselves for a good time, then what? Mr. Gilbert chimes in and the boys realize that their life goals are now to try to get laid. Good luck.

Watch the next episode of The Inbetweeners next Sunday at 10pm ET/7pm PT right here on MUCH.

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