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The Inbetweeners 105: The Masters

October 9th, 2012

This week on The Inbetweeners we watch the boys attend the Senior Slave Auction and try to buy Charlotte, the girl of his dreams. Did you watch The Masters last night? If not, watch it here and read along with me!

The boys are alerted that the senior slave auction is going down and Charlotte is on the block to be bought to raise money for their prom. Will has the genius idea to buy himself some time with her (because obvi she wouldn’t otherwise). The other boys agree that it is a great idea because by association they will get attention from cute girls. I’ve heard worse plans

While plotting out their game plan, Simon brings out the cash he had been getting from his dad for playing golf with him. Will begs to use the $100 to buy Charlotte and in turn promises to help buffer Simon’s dad’s golf rage when they play a round at the country club on the weekend. See? Sharing is caring!

After the boys make a pre-emptive bid on the next senior (so Charlotte knew that she wasn’t the goal of the boys) they make a bit of a social faux-pas.

They bid on an African-American senior… at a slave auction.

By “they” I really mean “Neil”. Oh yeah, and they lost Charlotte.

Their Senior Slave doesn’t really know what to do with the boys. The senior says that the boys are making him look bad as being a slave that did nothing for his “masters” looks really bad on his end, so he convinces the boys to let him drive the guys to the country club and to assist them during the day.

Jay had been looking towards the country club so he could use the hot tub. And by use the hot tub I mean he could put a certain body part in a certain jacuzzi jet. So he could make love to it. Yeah. Once he gets into the hot tub… he ends up getting stuck and can’t get out. He’s suctioned into the jet. I’ve heard of traps for pools but this is ridiculous.

The Senior Slave sees his chance to help the boys and releases Jay from the jet that has taken his package hostage.

Poor Jay.

The boys might have lost Charlotte, $100, and the need to use a jacuzzi ever again but at least they got a chance to hang out with a senior! Just not the one they wanted. Ah well. These boys may be down, but they’re never out.

Watch the next episode of The Inbetweeners next Sunday at 10pm ET/7pm PT right here on MUCH.

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