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The Inbetweeners 107: Crystal Springs

October 22nd, 2012

This week the boys of The Inbetweeners go to Crystal Springs, an “RV resort” which Jay has convinced the others (somewhat) that this is the place where they will get laid. You ready for the recap? Read along and watch the episode Crystal Springs here. Ready? Let’s do this!

Jay has already set up Simon with a girl named Becky from the resort. Simon wonders why he wouldn’t keep Becky to himself, but Jay assures him that he has Becky’s cousin to look forward to. Except when the boys finally get to the resort, he realizes that Becky’s cousin is a little bigger than what he expected.

The boys agree to meet up with the girls later at the resort dance. Until then, the guys have dinner with the Cartwrights and it doesn’t quite sit well with Will.

While at the dance, Will meets a girl who is ready to full on make out with him and he freaks out.

Mid-freak out, Will goes to the washroom where he encounters Jay’s dad and has fun at the urinal. Please, please, please watch this episode. You’ll laugh here, I promise.

While going past first base Jay makes a really big mistake. Like a big one. Again, I can’t write about it! I just can’t. You have to watch.

Speaking of huge mistakes, it turns out Becky doesn’t want to have sex with Simon like he was led to believe. Gee, wonder why?

After getting chastised by Jay’s dad, the boys call it a day.

But not after the boys find out that Neil got some in the back seat. And the front seat. And all over the inside of Simon’s car. And everything is … damp. Yeah.

Watch the next episode of The Inbetweeners next Sunday at 10pm ET/7pm PT right here on MUCH.

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