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The Inbetweeners Ep. 102: Sunshine Mountain

September 17th, 2012

Last week were introduced to the boys of The Inbetweeners: Will, Simon, Jay, and Neil. We were also introduced to Simon’s love affair with Carly D’Amato. This week is no different as we learn that Simon has his license and was gifted a car – but not any car: the Ford Celibacy. The car that no one wants and the boys are embarrassed by. What else happened last night? Well, read this recap, watch the episode again, and find out with me.

So the boys are amped on Simon’s license. Can you say “girls”?! Carly pops by the lunch table and tells the boys that she’s having her two month anniversary at Sunshine Mountain with her boyfriend Bobby which immediately prompts Will to suggest that they follow her with Simon’s future car to show her that Simon has what it takes. Also, to go check out the Tri-Scare-Itops ride prettyplease.

The excitement grows until they find out that Simon’s new car is actually a Ford Celibacy Festiva that everyone is too embarrassed to be in.

Will Carly like this car? Sound off in the comments section with what you think!

The boys find trouble at the park when they break the front passenger side door right off the car. And with nowhere to store it, they’re forced to carry the door by themselves.

Alright. They’re at the park and now they have to find Neil who works there. They find him, but they also find him changed into the only clothes he could find that isn’t a bird costume: denim cutoffs and a crop top.

They also find Carly and Bobby and Simon has the fond idea of winning a water gun contest against the cute couple.

Simon loses this game. Like, really badly.

At the park, Will accidentally(?) went off on some kids not knowing that they were special needs kids. Like, that’s even an excuse. Deservedly so their ride gets trashed. Poor Simon. Because it can’t get worse from here, right?

Spoke too soon. Bobby and Carly end up giving the boys a ride.

What will happen on the next episode of The Inbetweeners? Will Simon finally be man enough for Carly? Probs not. But it’ll be fun to watch! Watch The Inbetweeners every Sunday night at 10pm ET/ 7pm PT right here on MUCH.

And a treat for you:

Missed episode 1? Read the recap for Pilot here!

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