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The Inbetweeners Ep. 110: Reading Gives You Wings

November 19th, 2012

We’ve had quite the break since the last time we saw the boys of The Inbetweeners. Did you watch last night’s episode Reading Gives You Wings? If not, watch it here and read the recap along with me!

The boys are over at Neil’s house where Neil’s dad has commissioned a deck to be made by this mysterious Australian named Jono. All the guys are in love with Jono (but especially Neil’s dad).

The only reprieve from the bad luck he’s had with women is Will’s latest conquest, Samantha. They actually look kinda cute together, no? However a plan to be real lab partners is foiled because the school has brought the kids out for a presentation of the library remodel.

Before the library is unveiled, Simon notices that Carly is having a tough time with Bobby. Simon would move in on that territory but it seems that he is happy with Lauren.

Will is super stoked on the library remodel until he realizes that the library has been made into a Red Bull play pen.

Yep, that’s Will choking on motorcycle exhaust. Something has to be done.

But plans to annihilate will have to wait after a trip to the mall with Jono and Neil’s dad. Jono is protesting the clothing of a record store with a drum circle and somehow manages to win another month for the store.

Also at the mall, Simon realizes that Lauren is a kleptomaniac and decides to have a talk with her. Lauren actually agrees to be smart and Lauren and Simon live happily ever after together… not. You must know where this is headed.

Yep. It goes there. Simon sees Carly in distress and helps her … while Lauren gets caught for shoplifting (by accident). A sucker is born every second, right?

Inspired by Jono’s gumption, Will plans a media blitz and a protest on the library. However when he realizes that Samantha loves the Red Bull library, he completely backs out … and still loses the girl. Embarrassing.

Will Will ever get over his loser-dom? Will Carly and Simon ever hook up? Will Neil accept that his dad may indeed be gay? Gotta stay tuned for the next episode of The Inbetweeners, Sunday at 10E/7P right here on MUCH.

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