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The Inbetweeners Ep. 111: Spa Time

November 26th, 2012

This week on The Inbetweeners there’s a school car wash and obviously hotties abound for the boys to embarrass themselves infront of. Did you watch Spa Time, the latest episode of The Inbetweeners? If not you can do so here and read the recap alongside me! Ready? We were born to do this. Let’s go.

The boys are headed to the school car wash and guess who hot glue gunned leaves onto their car?

You bet Simon did.

The boys are in awe of the abundance of girls with hoses.

Will talks to Samantha and she tells him that she’ll sleep with him but she can’t take his virginity. She doesn’t want him becoming obsessed with her and so when he lands a chick he might get laid. Wait. So he needs to get laid to get laid. Yeah. Right.

Bobby is disappointing Carly left, right, and centre. Simon jumps in and tries to make her feel better by offering to pick her up after the car wash.

Will’s mom funds a trip to the spa (yeah) and the boys realize that they need to help Simon get laid to get laid. So Jay offers to find the masseuse that can do the job. Because, you know, that’s what they do.

Well, at least one of them gets naked.

Or at least naked enough to get doused in mud.

While the rest of the boys are trying to help out Will, Will finds himself in the company of a hottie and tries to talk to her. Will explains the situation with Samantha and the girl agrees. She even says she’s sleep with Will… but only if he gets laid first. This is where I shake my head and wonder where the minds of today’s youth are at.

Simon brings her home… to Bobby planning and decorating a surprise birthday party for Carly. Whoopsies. Simon will always be the bridesmaid, never the bride.

The boys, slightly defeated, take the opportunity to jam in their junk yard.

Watch the final episode of the season for The Inbetweeners next Sunday, December 2 at 10E/7P right here on MUCH.

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