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The Isolated Vocals From Taylor Swift’s VMA Performance Will Make You Cringe

August 25th, 2014


Everyone can agree that Taylor Swift is a ridiculously talented performer. I have seen her twice in concert and can vouch for her musical skills. That being said her performance of her new song Shake It Off at last night’s MTV Video Music Awards was less than stellar. Sure it was cute and Taylor looked amazing, and we were mesmerized by her tassels swinging back and forth, but overall the performance was meh. I mean, what was up with that interlude? Clearly this wasn’t Taylor’s best work.

I believe Miley’s face said it all.

giphy (1)

And to add salt to injury, someone released the isolated the vocals from the performance. If you’re a diehard Swifty I suggest you sit down. The vocals aren’t the most terrible thing I’ve ever heard, but it’s not the Taylor we know and love. Taylor clearly stops singing at points of the performance and let’s the backing take over. You can listen to the isolated performance on the Deadspin website and compare it to the live performance below.

The website also isolated the vocals from Beyonce’s performance so you can compare the two singers.

Okay, in Taylor’s defense she isn’t the first singer to use backtracking, and it’s not like she didn’t sing live for the majority of the performance. And yes her vocals were sub par, but her performance incorporated a lot of dancing which Taylor isn’t used to doing. And comparing Taylor to Beyonce seems ridiculously unfair. Yes they are both Grammy winners but Beyonce is a God while Taylor is a prohet. And let’s not forget Beyonce was accused of lip-syncing too. Don’t worry Taylor, haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate. Just shake it off.

giphy (2)

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