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The L.A. Complex Ep. 10: Make It Right

September 18th, 2012

Connor finds out the truth about his sister’s beliefs, Abby helps Kaldrick find closure, Raquel considers a new way to make money and Beth is taken on a romantic date by Cam. Find out what happened on Episode 10 of The L.A. Complex under the jump!

Watch the final two episodes of The L.A. Complex Season 2 next Monday starting at 8 pm ET on MUCH. Catch up on episodes, recaps, galleries, blogs and more here!

Charlotte is still spending time on set with Connor and when she sees him taking medication for depression, she tells Connor that she also took pills until she found the Church of Scienetics. It helped her get off the pills and get happy and now she wants to show Connor that there’s another way to handle his depression.
Charlotte brings Connor to the Church and the members are extremely excited that Connor’s show is doing so well and that he’s a big celebrity. Yup, just like any other religion…this is soooooo weird.

Connor has to take a test to be admitted and his score shows that he needs help from the Church of Scienetics. Shocker. They offer to fast track him throughout the program, which will cost him at least $5,000 – $10,000 to begin. Connor is ready to walk out the door, but has to wait for Charlotte to finish her ‘adjusting’ session. Sounds painful.

One of the members tries talking to Connor about his mother leaving him behind and starts cracking away at Connor’s really good decision to get the hell outta there. Connor breaks down and begins crying about his mother leaving him and he decides to accept the Church’s offer to admit him…and all of his money.

Kaldrick runs after Abby after she storms out of the studio and begs her to help him find Tariq. Kal wants to make sure that Tariq’s okay, but Abby refuses to do anything to help him find her friend who he hurt so badly and threatens to call the police if Kal bothers her again.

Abby goes to Eddie and tries to get information on where Eddie sent Tariq’s belongings. The Lux landlord finally gives her Tariq’s address, but he’s worried that he’s going to get her into trouble with Kaldrick.
Abby waits Kaldrick at the studio and tells Kal that she has Tariq’s parent’s address. Abby agrees to give him the information, as long as she can go with him. Kaldrick agrees and offers to fly them to Montreal with the label’s private plane. I should have learned to rap.

Abby goes to Tariq’s apartment and makes Kaldrick wait outside. Abby meets Tariq’s new boyfriend and tells her old friend that Kal is waiting outside for him.

Tariq agrees to see his ex and Abby gives them time alone to talk things over. Kal tells Tariq he would never hurt anyone he loved again and when he moves towards Tariq, Tariq quickly moves away. Kal apologizes again, and the two men say good bye.

Nick and Sabrina are enjoying a walk on the beach when they run into Sabrina’s parents. She panics, but can’t get away from them fast enough and introduces her boyfriend, Nicholas. Nicholas? Sabrina’s parents invite them to play golf and have dinner at the club. Nick is excited, but Sabrina looks like she just found a golf ball in her dinner. Sabrina pulls Nick aside and tells him that she’s been lying to her parents and told them she was a pre-med student at UCLA. They have unrealistic expectations for her and Sabrina finds it easier to lie to them. Thankfully you have to be quiet when you play golf.

Nick looks as awkward on the golf course as you would think, but thankfully he manages to put on a good performance lying about Sabrina’s school work.

While searching for his golf ball, Nick has a heart to heart with Sabrina’s dad, who praises him for going after his dreams and working towards becoming a comedian.

Nick tells Sabrina about his conversation with her dad in hopes of convincing her to come clean with her parents.

Sabrina takes Nick’s advice and tells her parents the truth, but she failed to mention to Nick that she’s been lying to them for two years and has taken $80,000 of their money.

Cam, Kevin and Raquel are trying to shoot their film, but Cam bails after five minutes of shooting to go on a date with Beth. Raquel plays referee between Cam and Kevin and tells everyone to work on the film while she tries to get money for more camera equipment.

Cam brings Beth to a school on their date and surprises her by signing her up to take the SATs. How romantic. Beth is upset at first, but agrees to take the test.

After her SATs are done, Cam turns up the romance and takes Beth to an empty arena so that they can skate and have dinner in the centre of the ice. Their romantic date is momentarily sidelined when Beth admits that her Canadianess doesn’t include her being able to skate. Still, they persevere on and enjoy their time alone.

Raquel’s decision to file for bankruptcy is coming back to haunt her. She tries to get a loan for the film, but no one will give her any money until she shows that she can maintain an income and pay her pills…for ten years.

When a bus boy at the new restaurant Raquel is working at overhears her asking their boss for an advance on her pay, he tells her about a way she can make money. He has a RFID scanner that can grab numbers from credit cards and wants Raquel to use her connection behind the bar to steal people’s information. Raquel tells him that she’s not interested, but I have a feeling Raquel’s desperation is going to get the best of her.

When a customer gets mouthy with Raquel, she decides to go against her better judgement and scan his credit card.

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