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The L.A. Complex Ep. 11: Now or Never

September 18th, 2012

Connor finds out the truth about Scienetics, Kaldrick peace doesn’t last for long, Abby gets a shocking proposal from Grey, Raquel plays with fire and Beth fights for Simon. Find out what happened on this week’s brand new episode of The L.A. Complex after the jump!

Watch the final two episodes of The L.A. Complex Season 2 next Monday starting at 8 pm ET on MUCH. Catch up on episodes, recaps, galleries, blogs and more here!

Simon and Beth’s dad shows up out of nowhere at The Lux. How the heck did he find them? Simon is ecstatic, but Beth looks like she’s seen a ghost.

Back in their room, Simon and Beth are rehearsing for a big audition Simon has, but their dad wants to take them to an amusement park instead. Making Beth look like the bad guy, she finally agrees to take the day off work.

At the park, Simon is scared to go on the roller coasters, but pressure from his dad makes him go on the ride anyways. Thankfully, Simon makes it off the ride and gives Beth the opportunity to take out her anger on her father.

Back at The Lux, Beth and her father argue because she doesn’t want to take Simon to the Yukon with him. Beth’s father accepts that, but he won’t leave Simon behind. Simon wants to stay, but their dad grabs him and tries carrying him out of The Lux.

Thankfully, Connor is there to stop him before he can take Simon away. The older man hands Beth money and leaves, apologizing and crying as he goes. Well that was depressing.

Raquel and Cam try going to another bank for a loan and when the banker refuses to give them any money, Raquel demands to talk to her manager. Now that they have the office to themselves, it’s action time! Brilliant!

Promising to pay Cam for the money he spent on cameras for the film, Raquel has gone into business with Manny, the bus boy at her new job, and is scanning credit cards behind the bar. One of the customers sees Raquel swiping his card a second time and begins screaming at her. When Mark, the owner, tries to diffuse the situation, the customer attacks Mark and they get into a brawl. Annnnnd time to stop swiping cards.

Raquel returns the scanner to Manny and tells him she’s done, but when Manny hands her an envelope full of cash, things become unclear.

To complicate things even further, Raquel’s boss asks her out on a date, but she takes a rain cheque until things become less complicated. Like, when she stops committing fraud in his restaurant?

Raquel finally swallows her pride and asks Connor to be in Cam and Kevin’s movie with her. Connor thinks she should be apologizing instead of asking him for a favour, but Raquel points out that he wasn’t always nice to her. The two finally find a common ground and Connor agrees to take part in the movie.

Grey is back at The Lux to see Abby and only has 72 hours until he has to leave on assignment, so the two get busy getting busy and making the most of their time together.

The new couple is enjoying a romantic dinner and Grey tells Abby that he wants to take her to Italy and travel with her. Abby realizes that she doesn’t know when she’s going to see Grey again and doesn’t think there’s any reason for them to keep seeing each other and trying to make plans that they can’t keep.

Instead of leaving, Grey decides that he doesn’t want to miss out on another second with Abby and drops to his knee. What the heck?! He’s proposing? Does she even know his last name?

After making peace with Tariq, Kaldrick is ready to grow and try to be the person Chris wants him to be. Kaldrick isn’t ready to hold hands in public, but he is ready to be honest with Chris. It’s a start.

Kaldrick goes to the studio and also makes peace with Dynasty, asking for forgiveness. D agrees to let Kal back into the studio and the two get to work on taking Kal’s music in a new direction.Kaldrick is performing his new material and Walter visits the studio, impressed by his son’s new direction.

Kal’s great day is shot when he runs into Dynasty’s next client. It’s Infinite Jest. Okay, okay, uncool. But he’s with Rook!!! What?!?!

Kaldrick is having dinner with Chris that night and complains to him about Rook working with Infinite Jest.
Chris tries to offer a different perspective, but their conversation is cut short when Kal gets a call. His dad is in the hospital!

After coming clean to her parents about being a comedian, Sabrina is kicked out of her apartment, but she’s come up with a plan. Move in with Nick. Second times a charm?

Sabrina has a huge audition for a show with Will Arnett, but she’s having trouble preparing after throwing out her back. Nick offers to help, but Sabrina goes back to her mean mode.

Nick continues being the sweetest guy ever by trying to help Sabrina get ready for her audition, but she continues to be the meanest girl ever. Finally, he decides to ignore all her jabs and literally carries Sabrina into her audition.

Back at the apartment, Sabrina won’t stop blaming Nick for her less than perfect situation. Nick refuses to let her resent him over her lying to her parents and finally cracks Sabrina’s hard shell, who admits that she loves Nick and is scared of getting hurt.

Eddie sees Connor reading his Scienetics book and is instantly on red alert. He encourages Connor to educate himself on the group, which he describes as a cult, not a religion.

Connor begins looking up information on Scienetics and sees that Eddie is right. He also reads that Charlotte gets 10% of whatever money he gives the organization and realizes that he’s been had. Charlotte tries to calm him down and convinces him to talk to Roxanne, his Scienetics guide. Connor and Charlotte are back at the church so that Connor can quit, but a famous director spots Connor inside and tells Connor to call him if he needs anything. Man, they’re good.

In his meeting with Roxanne, Connor is again suckered into staying with Scienetics. I’m looking forward to Raquel finding out about this and going off on the mother of all rants.

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