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The L.A. Complex Ep. 12: X’s and O’s

September 24th, 2012

Cam shows Beth a future she didn’t think was possible, Raquel crosses another line at work, Abby takes her relationship with Grey to the next level, Nick gets a reality check at work, and Kal and Connor’s past comes back to haunt them.

Find out what happened on tonight’s first of two back to back finale episodes of The L.A. Complex!

Connor, Raquel, Kevin and Cam are working on their film, but a really realistic scene that involves Connor being arrested for insurance fraud interrupts Connor and Raquel’s kiss scene.

Oh wait, that’s real life.

The crew head to Charlotte’s room to tell her that Connor has been arrested and her first call is to Roxanne at the Scienetic society. We’re about to really see the power the Scienetics.

The police question Connor and the holes in his story get really big, really fast. Connor finally smartens up and lawyers up before he can incriminate himself any further. Connor is about to make his phone call when Charlotte rushes into the police station and screams that she set the fire.

A lawyer from the Church of Scienetic’s finally shows up and bails the two out, showing the power of the church. The siblings celebrate back in Connor’s hotel room, but their celebration turns gah-ross when Charlotte kisses her brother in a very un-sisterly way.

Raquel gets to work and fills Mark in on Connor’s charges, but their conversation is interrupted by Manny, the bus boy, arriving in a new sports car. Way to fly under the radar. Mark questions Raquel over Manny’s newfound wealth and begins to worry that his bus boy is dealing drugs in his restaurant.

Raquel corners Manny and tells him to pretend the car isn’t his and to increase her cut on the credit card scam. Then she makes out with Mark. Her decision making skills leave much to be desired.

Chris stays at the hospital with Kal while he waits on the results of his father’s tests. Kal quickly loses his cool when the nurse tells Kaldrick that his father’s insurance won’t cover the tests. Thankfully, Chris is there to calm Kal down and to threaten the nurse with a lawsuit.

Kal begins to fear that his father is going to die without really knowing who he is. Donna shows up at the hospital in tears, worried about Kaldrick and telling him that she missed him. That’s when Chris interrupts their reunion, cluing Donna in on why things didn’t work out between the two of them. Walter is finally awake, but the right side of his body is paralyzed and he will have permanent difficulty speaking. He can still hear, but Kal backs out of telling his father the truth.

Rook shows up at the hospital and apologizes to Kal for working with Infinite. Rook admits that he wanted to stay close to Jest after he heard about Kal’s car being blown up to protect his friend, but the plan backfired when Jest began rapping and Kal. Rook and Jest got into a fight over the lyrics and Jest trashed Rook’s house, stealing the hard drive with the footage of Tariq and Kal in the process. Kal asks his friend whether he ever watched the videos on the harddrive, and Rook, who has always been there for Kal, explains that he’s always known Kal was gay and never cared.

Sabrina is in full panic mode as she waits to hear about the Will Arnett job. Nick quickly calms her down and reassures Sabrina by telling her that he’s headed to a high paying private gig.

Nick’s private gig is actually a bat mitvah that involves him dressing up as a rabbit. Not sure what part of the Jewish rite of passage into adulthood this represents, but let’s go with it. Also, why is a 13 year old getting a car for her birthday?

It’s Nick’s turn to do his act on stage, but his raunchy material isn’t appropriate for his young audience. He updates his act to change sex to milkshakes and James Franco to Justin Bieber and kills.

Nick is still riding high from his encore, but when the party organizers begin to talk to him about signing an exclusivity clause with them and giving up comedy, Nick begins to doubt whether he’ll ever make it as a real comic. I think he’s upset, but I can’t actually see his face.

Beth and Simon are still down after their dad’s appearance, but Cam has something that will make Sabrina eel better. She scored 1900 on her SATs! I’m Canadian. Apparently that’s good?

Cam takes Sabrina to the local college and they run into Cam’s ex, Taylor, who took his virginity. And made homemade porn with him. Well, this has been an informative tour.

Beth begins questioning Cam about Taylor and finds out that she and Cam dated for four years and only recently broke up. Before Beth can go into full freak-out mode, Cam introduces Beth to one of his old professors who agrees to help Beth make a decision on whether to enroll.

Beth is riding high after her meeting with Cam’s former professor, but she still doesn’t see how she can afford tuition. Cam suggests that Beth look into financial aid and further sweetens the tour with a walk through the library.

Cam and Beth get back from their amazing day just as Simon is being taken away from The Lux by child protective services. Good day over.

After Grey’s poolside proposal, Abby and Grey wake up to find two new rings on their fingers. They road tripped to Vegas and made it official, but the honeymoon ends quickly when Abby wakes up in full panic-mode. Grey thinks they can make it work, but Abby is terrified that they don’t really know each other.

Abby and Grey head to a lawyer’s office and sign the papers and a cheque for $500 to get their marriage annulled. That’s a bit of an awkward third date.

Afterwards, Grey convinces Abby to stay married to him while he’s on his next tour. She’ll be able to get a green card and Grey will send half his pay cheque home to her. When he gets home they can figure things out. It’s not the worst idea I’ve seen, heck, in this episode alone.

Abby and Grey run back into the office and rip up the annulment papers and commence make out. The head back to the hotel and begin quizzing one another on their favourite things. Kinda put the cart before the horse on this relationship, but crazier things have worked.

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