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The L.A. Complex Ep. 13: Don’t Say Goodbye

September 24th, 2012

It’s the Season 2 finale of The L.A. Complex and the only way to end such a dramatic season is with the most dramatic episode yet! Find out what happened on tonight’s shocking conclusion of The L.A. Complex after the jump!

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Raquel spent the night with Mark and wakes up to find him even nicer than before. Great! But she’s committing crimes in his restaurant. Not so great.

At work that day, Raquel tells Manny that she wants out, but Manny isn’t ready to let his money maker go. He threatens Raquel that the guys he sells the credit cards to will come after her, but Raquel stands firm and refuses to help him anymore.

Chris, Rook and Kal meet with Jest, and he decides that he wants $5 million from Kal in 24 hours or the video of Kal and Tariq goes public. This would be a good time to come out publicly and save yourself a whole lotta money.

Kal agrees to pay Jest the money to keep him quiet and sends Rook and his lawyer to do the drop off. Afterwards, Kaldrick tells Rook to stay away from him for good.

Back at the hospital, Walter suffers another stroke, this time leaving him with no brain function. Kaldrick makes the difficult decision to turn off the machines with Chris staying by his side.

Abby and Grey say a tearful good bye at The Lux and Grey finally tells Abby that he’ll be living in Germany.

Abby’s plan to stay busy with work hits a snag when she gets a call from her agent Ron, who is dropping her to manage a mattress store. But he did get her an audition for a commercial. So yay? Abby shows up at the audition only to wait around for the entire day and not get the chance to read a single line of dialogue. At least she didn’t throw up on a piano this time.

Connor, thankfully not completely crazy now that he’s joined the Church, pushes Charlotte away from him after she kisses Connor. Charlotte breaks down in tears and runs out of his room.

Connor is meeting with Roxanne and he tells her that Charlotte kissed him and that he’s obviously upset about it. Roxanne asks a few questions and then leaves Connor in a room alone, returning later with another member of the Church. I don’t think this is going to go well for Charlotte.

Connor gets back to The Lux and finds his room empty. Eddie tells Connor that he saw Charlotte leave with a guy in a suit and Roxanne pulls up just in time to explain to Connor that Charlotte has been taken away to one of their remote facilities. So much for having a family.

Beth meets with social services to find out how to get Simon back. She can fight her father for custody, but since she’s 18 and doesn’t have a job, there’s a good chance that if her father loses custody, Simon will go into the system and end up in foster care.

Beth’s father meets with her and tells her that she can’t see Simon any more. He offers to let Beth come with them to the Yukon, but she refuses.

Nick comes home to a screaming Sabrina, ecstatic that she booked the Will Arnett show. Until she realizes that it shoots in New Orleans. Uh oh. The two talk and decide that they don’t want to break up, but when Nick looks up airline prices online, he realizes that long distance isn’t a viable option for them.

Unsure of what to do, Nick calls Alicia. Yay Alicia! Always the voice of reason for Nick, Alicia tells him to get on the plane with Sabrina since he has nothing holding him to LA.

Realizing his friend is right, Nick rushes back into his room to tell Sabrina the good news. But he’s met with a reality check with Sabrina points out that Nick came to LA to be a comedian and needs to put his career first. And with that, she’s gone.

Cam, Kevin, Raquel and Connor have decided to throw a party at The Lux to raise money for their film and to screen the footage they’ve put together. In the closing minutes of Season 2 of The L.A. Complex we learn everyone’s fate.

Connor, finally ready to stop hurting himself, feels free from his past demons.

But a terrified looking Charlotte signals that Connor’s decisions will have a lasting impact.

Beth decides that she is going to go to college, but in the Yukon so that she can be with her family. Beth and Cam agree to enjoy their last night together at the party.

Abby, tired to being told ‘no’ over and over in Hollywood, has had enough and books a ticket to Germany to be with Grey.

Nick takes Sabrina’s advice and hits the comedy circuit, this time with the confidence he needs to find success.

Raquel is excited to finally be a part of a movie that is actually good, but worries when Mark stands her up at the party.

Mark misses the party because he’s busy getting arrested after the police catch on to Manny and Raquel’s credit card scheme at Mark’s restaurant.

Kal, tired of living a life of lies, writes a letter he wishes he had given to his father and instead posts it on his blog. Kal apologizes to all the people he hurt, especially Tariq, and makes his sexuality public.

In the shocking closing scene, Rook, racked with guilt over betraying Kaldrick, walks into Infinite Jest’s home and murders the young rapper.

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