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The L.A. Complex Ep. 3: Life’s a beach

January 25th, 2012

Tariq learns that a relationship with Kaldrick won’t be what he expected, Raquel takes her future into her own hands, Abby and Nick get closer, Alicia accepts a surprising proposition from Rick and Connor’s anxiety takes over. Find out what happened on the last episode of The L.A. Complex after the jump!

After spending the night together, Tariq wakes up to Kaldrick throwing him out of his house. So romantic. At work that morning, Tariq walks into the studio to find Kaldrick telling his crew and the producers a made up story about a girl he hooked up with the night before. I think it’s safe to say that Kaldrick isn’t open about his sexual orientation.

When Tariq plays the beat that featured the song Kaldrick wanted sampled, Kal says he hates the song and doesn’t want to work with Tariq. Dynasty tells Tariq that he’s not allowed in the studio for the day because he can’t give Kal the music Kal wants. I thought Kaldrick was a jerk yesterday, but today really tops it.

After spending the day cleaning cars and arranging the bar in the studio, Dynasty tells Tariq he has to drive Kaldrick home. The two men don’t talk on the drive, but when Tariq pulls up to Kal’s mansion the rapper invites him in. Tariq declines his offer and Kaldrick tells Tariq that he really likes him, but has to be mean in front of other people so they don’t suspect anything. Can’t he do that without getting Tariq fired? Kaldrick says that he wants to be with Tariq as long as they’re never affectionate in public and keep their relationship a secret. This is gonna get messy, y’all.

Nick’s been avoiding Abby ever since his failed attempt to kiss her and has been sleeping in Eddie’s office. Alicia finds him at the pool in the Lux the next morning and takes him to breakfast. She tells him about how excited she is to be dating Rick and it seems like he may actually be able to help her with her career.

If only Rick could help Nick with some of his jokes. Nick is back on stage at the comedy club that night and I, for one, am scared. His act does seem to be improving, but that’s not saying much. Instead of running out of the club and praying no one front the audience ever recognizes him, Nick sits at the bar and ends up talking to a waitress named Megan who may be even meaner about Nick’s stand up than the comedians from his last night on stage. The two get drunk together and Megan invites Nick back to her apartment to choke her.

And have sex. But mostly choke her. What?

Nick is not insane and thinks this is a bad idea, but he pretends to choke Megan and she passes out, giving Nick the ten most terrifying seconds of his life when he thinks he’s killed her. See! The stage isn’t that scary in comparison after all!

The next morning Megan wakes up not remembering who Nick is and quickly throws him out of her apartment. What’s with everyone on this show getting tossed in the am? Doesn’t anyone eat breakfast together in LA?

Abby is on set for Cause of Death and has shown up extra early for her lovely titled role of Dead Hooker to visit Connor on his set.

When Abby gets to his trailer she finds it unlocked and finds Connor having sex with his co-star! I believe this is what the actress meant by ‘running’ lines’. Abby runs, or should I say, falls out of Connor’s trailer.

She hits her head on the pavement, but gets up like a trooper and keeps going. Connor runs after her half naked and finally catches Abby and her giant heels. He tells her that he thought she had a boyfriend and Abby explains that she broke up with her boyfriend because she thought there was something between her and Connor. I guess she should have told him that. Connor apologizes, but Abby is too upset to care.

Finally on set for her first real role, Abby finds out that her lines for the scene have been completely cut. To make matters even worse, the lead actor on the show doesn’t think it’s believable to have Abby’s body bag open for her shot, so she’s zipped up and cut out of the show completely.

Since her lines and face were completely cut, Abby’s pay for the part has been cut as well.

Still broke, she goes to Nick’s apartment to ask if she can stay at his place longer. She finds Nick in the shower and proceeds to have a five minute conversation with him while he’s wet and naked. I can’t blame her, but I feel like she needs some boundaries. Abby wants to check out Nick’s stand up routine that night and he reluctantly agrees.

Nick’s set is on par with every other set he’s done until Nick sees Megan laughing with the other waitresses about him. Pushed to the edge, Nick decides to throw caution to the wind and launches into a detailed description of his drunken and weird evening with Megan. It works! Megan looks mortified, but the rest of the crowd, including Abby, love the routine.

Raquel has gotten a meeting for herself, Cam and Kevin, the two writers of the script she wants to star in. They’re waiting for an agent at Raquel’s firm to meet with them and when her receptionist tells the group the agent will be late, the guys bail to shoot a Bar Mitzvah.

Raquel is left on her own to pitch the movie, but her agent isn’t interested in the script. Or Raquel. She hasn’t booked any jobs in a long time and her agency is dropping her as a client. Harsh.

Depressed, Raquel goes home and starts drinking with Nick, who suggests she find a smaller agency that will pay more attention to her. It’s definitely good advice, but Raquel has her own plan, which involves faking alcoholism and going to AA meetings to network.

During her meeting that day a rich dentist talks about his depression over never getting into the entertainment industry. Raquel gets an idea and approaches Bill, the dentist, and pitches him her script. Disgusted by her advance at an AA meeting, Bill walks off. Yikes!

Raquel is making the rounds to every agency hoping that someone will take her on as a client, but no one is interested. This scene alone makes me never, ever want to be become an actress.

That night at The Lux, Raquel finds Cam and Kevin and lies that the meeting went really well and says the agency is interested. The guys are excited, but they also tell Raquel that they met someone at the Bar Mitzvah who could get Ellen Page to be the lead.

Peeved, Raquel tells the guys that they have to agree to a three month exclusive on the script or else she walks. They agree, but I feel like this is LA and she should really have them sign something.

Raquel stakes out Bill’s dental practice the next day and pretends to run into him. She apologizes for talking about the script at AA and lies that she’s not good at talking to people when she’s sober. He apologizes for being so harsh and the two agree to have dinner. Things seem to be going well and by desert Bill is asking to see the script. Can’t believe that agency dropped Raquel. She should be getting an award for this acting job!

Alicia auditions for another dance act, but doesn’t make the cut. Things seem to be getting worse and worse for her dance career, so when Rick makes a surprising proposal to Alicia that night in the strip club she’s open to what he has to say.

Rick has brought along his sleazy agent and the two men pitch the idea of a sex tape between Rick and Alicia.

Alicia says yes and even though we see a moment of doubt when Alicia calls her mom and tries to talk to her, in the end she decides to go through with the plan.

It’s just Rick and Alicia in the room and when Rick starts to get nervous, Alicia takes the camera and takes charge.

After Abby catches him having sex with his co-star, things go from bad to worse for Connor on set of his show Critical Unit. His agent is waiting for him in his trailer and tells Connor that he’s hired an acting coach to help him get through the show.

Connor thinks the coach is for everyone on set, but when he finds out the coach has been brought in just to work with him, his insecurities get even bigger than they were before.

Stressed, Connor calls Nick to see if Nick still has Connor’s old pills from his apartment, but Nick sold them to make some money. I assume these were anti-anxiety pills? Hoping to suppress his loneliness, Connor catches sight of Lily, a wardrobe assistant, and asks her out for a drink.

Lily spends the night and in the morning she finds Connor in his kitchen running lines after staying up all night practicing.

On set, the director is getting frustrated with Connor’s acting and his inability to cry on demand.

Connor asks for a bit more time, but the director gets fed up and starts yelling at Connor in front of the cast and crew.

Lonely and upset, Connor calls both Raquel and Abby to hang out, but neither of the women answer.

Feeling more isolated and lonely every day, Connor boils water and pours it over his arm, relishing in the pain. We finally learn that the kettle Connor has stared at in each episode is used for self harm.

Don’t miss a brand new episode of The L.A. Complex next Tuesday at 9 pm ET exclusively on MuchMusic. Want more of The L.A. Complex? Click here for photos, episodes, interviews, blogs and more!

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