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The L.A. Complex Ep. 4: You don’t know me

February 1st, 2012

Alicia’s dreams of her career taking off stall, Nick and Abby make a giant leap in their relationship, Tariq gets closer to Kal, Raquel gets a green light in her career and Connor’s glimpse of happiness is quickly shattered. Find out what happened on this weeks episode of The L.A. Complex!

After seeing Connor burn himself with a kettle we know that he’s definitely a self harmer. And judging by his flashback at the start of this week’s episode we also know the pain he’s trying to conceal. Connor has a flashback of himself as a little boy. His dad is passed drunk out and his mom is leaving with his older brother and younger sister.

Connor doesn’t wan to stay with his dad, who hates him, and his mom promises to come back for Connor, but never does.

The next morning Connor is in his trailer working out and running lines. Paul, the ‘miracle worker’ acting coach shows up and seems to have no intention of actually talking about acting. So Kaldrick didn’t want Tariq to talk about music and Paul doesn’t want Connor to talk about acting. People in LA are weird, y’all.

Connor explains that he’s worried the producers made a mistake and shouldn’t have hired him. Paul points out that Connor was chosen out of hundreds of actors and that the producers spent a lot of time watching him audition. If they made a mistake, they would have fired him already.

Paul and Connor don’t seem to do any real rehearsing, but I think Paul’s methods are working. Paul seeks out Connor’s director and Connor overhears Paul telling the director to never yell at Connor again and only encourage him.

Later that day on set, Connor nails his scenes and actually gets a round of applause from the crew! I wonder if my co-workers will clap for this recap? That would be nice.

Connor shows up at Paul’s house that night to thank him again for all of his help. Connor wants to work with him every day. Paul tells Connor that today was a one shot deal and he is busy as a college professor at UCLA.

Connor is devastated that he finally had a male figure in his life build him up and it was only temporary. Oh lawd. I don’t wanna see the kettle again.

Abby and Nick are still sharing an apartment (seriously, who is sleeping where in this sitch?) and while Abby is getting ready for an audition, Nick is getting ready to never have sex with Abby. Seriously Nick, speak less. Nick gives her encouragement as only Nick can (by telling her she’s amazing and subsequently upsetting her at the same time) and decides to take advantage of an empty apartment after Abby leaves.

Nick drops his drawers (giggidy!) and like all twenty-somethings, reaches for his laptop when it’s time for inspiration.

What he didn’t plan on was seeing his bestie Alicia on the other side of the screen!

Nick shows Alicia the sex tape and rather than be horrified about being naked on the internet, she’s horrified that it’s a bad angle. For once Nick’s confusion about women is justified. Alicia tells Nick that she was a willing participant in Rick’s sex tape and that she’s fine with being naked since she’s already a stripper. WOW! Apparently she forgot to tell Nick that fun tidbit about her as well. He has had quite the morning.

Alicia is convinced that the story Gavin and Rick sold her about the video making her career take off is true, but reality hits her like a bad angle in a sex tape when her favourite choreographer cuts her from an audition. The role is for Willow Smith’s new video and he can’t cast someone that’s been naked online in a tween video.

Realizing that without dance jobs she’ll need the money from the sex tape sales even more, Alicia goes to Gavin’s office to find out how well the video is doing. Gavin tells Alicia that they’re not selling the video anymore because Rick landed a spot on Rehab, which sounds like Celebrity Rehab. Did we know that Rick abused substances? I bet Alicia’s really wishing she could go back in time and keep that expensive lip gloss from their first red carpet. Judging by Gavin’s shadiness I wouldn’t be surprised if Rick was just pretending to be an addict to get a spot on the show.

Alicia goes to Rick’s apartment and confronts him about the tape. He admits that there isn’t going to be any money for her and that all his money is gone because of his drug addiction.

But he still really likes her, you guys. Um, no thanks.

Alicia is trying to burn off some steam with laps in the pool at the Lux when she gets a call from Gavin. He’s received an offer for her! Yay! It’s from Vivid Entertainment, a porn production company. This is going to require a few more laps.

Kaldrick and Tariq finally have a day off after spending the last three weeks in the recording studio working on Kal’s new album. Kal brings Tariq to his ‘low down’ which means an abandoned looking building that has a couch and Play Station. Oh, romance.

For some crazy reason, Tariq isn’t feeling swept off his feet. Kal will only be with Tariq if he knows that no one will recognize them, so Tariq brings Kal to a bed and breakfast five hours outside of LA. Kal agrees to go, but when they get to the house Kal realizes the owners will be home the entire weekend.

Tariq gives them the fake names Carl and Steve Winslow (Family Matters shout out!) and the couple has no idea that Kal is a famous rapper. I think Kal is more upset over the fact the couple they don’t know who he is than over the possibility he could be outted.

Kal is tense for most of the weekend, which includes playing Scrabble, or Scrazizzle if you’re Kal, but their dinner with the couple changes that. They guess that Kal and Tariq are a couple and tell the men that they’re daughter married her partner the year before when gay marriage was legalized in New York. Realizing that he’s safe there, Kal let’s his guard down and starts to realize that he wants to be out with Tariq. Still, I don’t think this weekend was enough to completely convince him to come out publicly.

After spending the night together Kaldrick and Tariq go their separate ways in LA and Tariq promises to lie to his co-workers and say he spent the weekend in Fresno with friends.

Raquel has brought Cam and Kevin and their horrific fashion sense to a meeting with Gary. He’s impressed with their script and offers to fund the film with a couple hundred thousand dollars. He knows the odds of getting his money back are pretty low, but he’s willing to fund the film anyways. Cam and Kevin seemed annoyed that they’re not getting $1,000,000 from him. Um, suspender boys? No one knows who you are. Be happy you’re getting any money.

Raquel is at Gary’s house and is trying to figure out how serious he is about buying the film. She asks whether he’s watched the DVD of the short films Cam and Kevin have made and before he can answer her, his ex-wife Jennifer walks into the house to pick up their daughter’s backpack. Gary leaves the room to retrieve his daughter’s belongings and Jennifer tells Raquel to be careful with promises that Gary makes her. Red flag! Red flag!

That night at dinner Raquel is pretty shaken by Jennifer’s comments. Before she can press Gary to sign a contract for the movie an agent from a huge acting agency walks into the restaurant and introduces himself to Raquel. He’s a patient of Gary’s and wants to represent Raquel. Okay, that’s one red flag gone.

The agent leaves and after finding out it was her birthday from her IMDB page, Gary gives Raquel a necklace. Okay, second red flag down. I like a man with initiative. Gary tells Raquel that he is definitely funding the movie. Happy Birthday indeed! Raquel finally let’s herself relax around Gary now that she knows he’s sold on the movie. She kisses him goodnight, but he stops her from going any further, reminding her that he can’t date until he’s 12 months sober.

Revved up, Raquel finds herself at Connor’s front door, and then on Connor’s bar, and then all over Connor. The two obviously have no regard for the importance of a sterile kitchen and proceed to break most of the things Connor owns. Unfortunately, I think the kettle is still intact. After their hook up, Connor asks Raquel to spend the night and, well, every night. Raquel is hella mad that Connor thinks she’ll move in with someone who can’t even be bothered to learn her birthday and storms out, but not before she tells Connor that he’s not good enough.

Connor grabs a bottle of tequila and skips the glass. Oh boy. I think we’re gonna need to get Paul and his miracles back.

After finding out his bestie is not only in a sex tape, but has been working as a stripper, Nick decides that he needs a fun day and picks Abby up from her audition. Abby is still broke, so Nick shows her how to live in LA with no money.

They drive to a nice neighborhood and collect bottles to sell.

With their earnings, Abby and Nick head to a market to buy fish. So they’re gonna eat fish! Well done, Nick! Nope, that’s not it. Nick uses the fish as bait and takes Abby fishing on the pier. Seems a bit cannibalistic if you ask me. Also, you bought fish to catch fish? Why don’t you eat the fish you bought? Anywho, Abby is down about not landing any acting gigs and Nick gives her one of his famous pep talks. Okay, maybe they’re not famous, but he’s soooo cute and I like to watch him talk.

After they catch fish with fish (?), Nick and Abby hang out on the beach and cook their dinner over a fire. Abby is finally starting to see Nick as more than a friend and for once Nick actually reads the signs correctly. He kisses Abby on the beach, and then in his car, and then on the stairs up to his apartment in the Lux.

They’re halfway into his apartment and halfway naked when Abby starts to voice her doubts that they shouldn’t sleep together in case it ruins their friendship. Nick is doing his best to squash all of Abby’s common sense, but nothing works quite as well as Alicia coming to the dorm and interrupting. Dang, she is quite the sex block for Nick today!

Abby takes the opportunity to end their make out sesh and shoo Nick out the door to talk to Alicia. Alicia tells Nick that she’s been offered $100,000 to do a movie with Vivid. He won’t support her decision, but he does tell Alicia that he’ll always be her friend and agrees to go with her to the meeting at Vivid the next day.

In the office, Nick sees that Alicia is shaking and holds her hand.

He looks like he’s about to say something to her when the doors open and in a second Alicia is gone, signing her contract and making a deal with Vivid.

Don’t miss a brand new episode of The L.A. Complex next Tuesday at 9 pm ET exclusively on MuchMusic. Want more of The L.A. Complex? Click here for photos, episodes, interviews, blogs and more!

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