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The L.A. Complex Ep. 5: Keeping It Casual

February 8th, 2012

Raquel risks losing the movie deal, Abby redefines ‘casual’ with Nick, Alicia makes a decision on her future, Tariq is pushed too far by Kaldrick and Connor is pushed right over the edge. Find out what happened on Episode 5 of The L.A. Complex after the jump!

Things are going from bad to worse from Connor. After Raquel left his house the night before he proceeded to run through an entire bottle of tequila. But the party didn’t stop there. Connor shows up to work too drunk to remember his lines. His producer tries to get Connor to leave and after a drunken montage (I feel guilty laughing so hard at drunk Connor because drinking is bad kids!) Connor is finally escorted off the lot by security.

With Abby sticking the always unpleasant ‘casual’ status on her relationship with Nick, Nick is left to over-analyze what exactly that means. Eddie thinks that it means that Nick isn’t getting past first base. I’d have to agree.

In an attempt to improve his set (by ‘improve’ I mean ‘make an actual joke’), Nick enrolls in an improv class. When the teacher literally throws him into a scene, Nick quickly starts to choke.

Thankfully, another student jumps in to save him, only to be groped and kissed by Nick. She responds by slapping him. Are we still in character?

Nick decides to use this ice breaker as his chance to ask Sabrina (slap happy student) out. Sabrina, much like mean-waitress-Megan, is also mean. Can Nick please get some confidence and actually date someone who likes him?

Well, it looks like Sabrina likes Nick enough to sleep with him.

After they have sex, Nick and Sabrina discuss what it means to be casual. Apparently, it means you can sleep with other students in your improv class.

Tariq brings Abby into the studio to sing on the hook of Kaldrick’s new song.

Dynasty and Jamaica Jay love Abby and she sounds amazing, but this is LA and good moods only last five seconds.

Kaldrick shows up and hears the guys ribbing Tariq about his hot girlfriend, thinking Tariq and Abby are dating. Tariq doesn’t correct them since he’s trying to keep his sexuality under wraps around his bosses.
During a break in recording, Kaldrick locks Abby in the bathroom and threatens to kill her if she says anything about Kaldrick being gay.

Crying, Abby tells Tariq that she’s sick and needs to go home.

Tariq barges into the studio and demands to know what Kaldrick did to upset Abby. Kaldrick makes up a story that Abby propositioned him in the bathroom and he refused her services.

Enraged, Tariq quits in front of everyone and storms out the studio.

Kaldrick follows Tariq and starts screaming at him. Tariq demands to know if Kaldrick loves him. Kaldrick says that he does, but that he’ll kill anyone who outs him.

Kaldrick forces Tariq against a brick wall and kisses him, but Tariq punches him and walks away, I think this time for good.

After leaving the studio, Abby rushes home hoping to find Nick and a shoulder to cry on. Instead, she finds a very drunk Connor. Abby quickly realizes that Connor being drunk in the middle of the day when he’s supposed to be shooting his new show is a bad thing and just as Connor is about to finally tell someone that he’s not okay he gets grabby with Abby and tries to kiss her.

Abby throws him out, which I thought was a bit harsh considering the state he was in, but who am I to judge?

After leaving Abby at the Lux, Connor decides that he hasn’t had enough humiliation for the day and heads to a bar. Connor quickly gets cut off by the bartender and with no liquor available to make himself feel better, he returns to his self harm addictions.

Connor finds the baddest looking dude in the bar and proceeds to throw a drink on him. Connor gets one good punch in before being knocked to the ground. It looks like the fight is over, but Connor goes back for more and gets a bottle broken over his head. Oh. Em Gee. That ish cray. It’s bad enough going to work drunk, but going to work hungover and with stitches? I think Connor needs to look for a new job as a pretend doctor, stat.

Nick finally makes his way back to The Lux. After her terrible day with men, Abby has never appreciated Nick and his good guy-ness more than she does now. Like, really, really appreciates Nick. Abby doesn’t want things to be casual anymore and we always knew that Nick never wanted that in the first place. Now let’s just cross our fingers that Nick doesn’t get too honest and tell Abby he just finished having sex with someone else.

It’s time for Alicia to fulfill her contract with Vivid, but ten seconds into wearing her plastic bustier, Alicia realizes that she can’t go through with this.

She tells Donna, the director, that she refuses to go on stage. Donna, who looks more like a soccer mom than an adult film director, tells Alicia that she can spend the day on set observing the business and then decide whether she wants to act.

Donna gives Alicia a tour, but when she’s pulled into a meeting, Donna asks Mandi to show Alicia around. Mandi’s tour includes the secret room. Obviously the secret room on an adult film set means a room full of candy. Wait, what? A room full of candy?! Where do I sign?!

Mandi suggests that Alicia would be more comfortable on set working with a woman instead of a man. Mandi’s offer plus a room full of candy equals Alicia’s first official adult porn scene. I don’t think this is what Willy Wonka had in mind.

In addition to the candy, it’s also Mandi’s birthday which means it’s time for cake. How’s is it that everyone in the adult film industry doesn’t weigh 500 pounds? Mandi’s bestie brings out the cake and Alicia recognizes him as a famous choreographer. Mandi introduces them and he agrees to let Alicia audition for the video he’s casting. Candy, cake and a dance gig? If the message of this show is ‘don’t got into porn’ it’s not working.

After getting the green light from Gary during her birthday dinner (who isn’t celebrating a birthday this episode?) Raquel shares the good news with Cam and Kevin. The three Lux residents celebrate their movie deal by swimming in the pool with a bottle of champagne. Boy, this would be a bad time for Gary to walk in and see Raquel drinking.

Annnnnd there he is. Raquel chases after Gary in her teeny tiny bikini (nice bod!), but Gary wants nothing to do with her. Uh. Oh.

And this is where it gets dicey. Raquel goes to AA and for the first time she seems to really share her feelings and problems. I know that Raquel said she was going for the networks, but it’s starting to look like she may actually have a problem.

She walks out of the meeting and Gary runs after her and kisses Raquel.

They end up in bed at Gary’s place and – shocking! – he confesses that he’s in love with Raquel. DAMN! Dat was faaaast.

Raquel says that she loves Gary too, but after Gary is asleep she texts Cam and Kevin to say that the movie is back on. So is she using Gary? Does she have feelings for him? I think it may be both.

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