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The Secret Circle Ep. 15: Reunion

February 17th, 2012

Cassie’s father returns to Chance Harbour and Melissa gets in over her head with Callum. Find out what happened on tonight’s brand new episode of The Secret Circle after the jump!

Cassie’s grandma Jane is finally back from the clinic so she’s moving out of Diana’s place. I wonder if kissing Adam also has something to do with her move?

Big news – Charles got a haircut! Yay!

Cassie comes home to find the door unlocked and grabs an umbrella to defend herself. I think her powers are probably a better bet. Thankfully, it’s just Jake. I wouldn’t mind him breaking in to my house. Anywho, Jake thought he saw something through the window and wanted to check it out. Cassie and Jake find ash and salt surrounding the house, likely put there by witch hunters trying to block Cassie’s power. Maybe she should hang on to the umbrella after all.

Cassie starts her job at the Java Joint and of course Adam is there as her first customer. Cassie tells Adam about the witches being at her house and admits that her grandmother isn’t really back yet, but that she felt bad staying at Dianna’s house for such a long time. Adam offers his services to protect Cassie at home. How nice of him.

Melissa and Faye are at the coffee shop so that Faye can torture Cassie. Callum shows up and invites the girls to a party at his place. For once, Faye makes the right decision and says no, but Melissa is all in.

Cassie is at home when she hears footsteps on the porch. The door swings open to reveal John Blackwell, her father. He doesn’t look dead. After spending weeks talking about him, Cassie tries throwing her father out of her house without even talking. Before he can explain where he’s been for the last 16 years, Adam shows up. He asks Cassie to meet him at the pier in an hour.

Cassie tells Adam that her father was just in the house (way to keep that one a secret). Adam doesn’t want Cassie going to meet her father, but she wants answers.

Dianna calls Faye looking for Melissa when she doesn’t show up to hang out. Faye tells Dianna that Melissa went to a party at Callums and realizes that she should be freaking out as well. Faye suggests they talk to Lee to find Callum.

Lee is still busy using Faye’s blood to bring his girlfriend back to life. Weird. Lee is as freaked out as Dianna that Melissa is at Callum’s party and goes with them to get Melissa back. Lee is worried about the evil voo doo that’s going to be at the party. Why does anyone live in this town?!

Melissa is at the voo doo party with Callum, but she doesn’t want his devil’s spirit. I think she actually wants him. Ew. Callum switches gears and brings out voo doo dolls. Ew again. They play with the dolls and exchange energy. When Callum gets a big bolt of energy from Melissa he realizes she has extra powers.

Callum takes Melissa up to his room and locks her inside. Callum knows that Melissa is a witch, but she threatens him with her power and he lets her leave.

Melissa tells Faye about the totem taking energy and finally convinces Faye that Lee is just using her. Faye sees Lee and tells him to stay away from her.

Callum tells Lee that he knows the girls are witches and Lee threatens Callum to stay away from the girls. I can’t tell if he’s good or not. He’s cute, so I’m hoping he’s good.

John wants Cassie to give him the medallion. As long as she has it, the spirits trapped inside the medallion will come after her. Cassie thinks Adam is right and that John doesn’t want her, just her power.

Cassie runs off the pier, but before she can drive away she’s knocked out by Evan. Evan and two more witch hunters ties Cassie to a chair and prepare her for a ceremony that will kill her and her black magic.

Jake goes to the abandoned house to find Cassie and instead finds John, who quickly puts him into a headlock. Jake tells John about the salt ash and that now he can’t find Cassie. The two men take off separately to find her.

Jake finds Cassie at the boathouse, but before he can rescue her, the other witch hunters grab him. Jake tells Evan that he has John Blackwell and will trade him for Cassie.

Evan and the other witch hunters place a liquid in Cassie’s eyes and mouth. That was some freaky ish.

John goes to the restaurant and finds Adam and Ethan there. Evan tells John to leave, but John won’t go anywhere without finding Cassie. Adam sees John leave with Jake to get Cassie back from the witch hunters. Adam calls Dianna for help. My money is on John and Jake.

Evan shows up to the meeting spot with Cassie, but tells Jake the deal has changed.

Instead of getting John, Evan wants Jakes life for Cassie’s. Cassie and John take off and Evan tells Jake that he doesn’t have to kill John because Cassie will. Well, I guess now we know what the drops did to Cassie.

Cassie and John are trying to find the road, but Cassie has lost control over herself and starts a ritual to kill her father. He no longer has powers and can’t stop her and because of the spell the drops cast on her, Cassie can’t control her body.

Right before Evan can slit Jakes throat like he did to Jake’s parents, the rest of the circle show up and kill Evan. But where did his body go?

The circle find Cassie and try to break the connection between Cassie and the spell before she kills her father. Thankfully it works!

The circle talk about John and decide that since John didn’t hurt Cassie while she was under the spell then he can’t be that evil. I’d have to agree.

John explains to Cassie that the elders stripped everyone of their powers after the fire and that he left Chance Harbor to keep her and her mother safe. Cassie tells John that she destroyed the medallion, giving him no reason to stay. John sees it differently. Without the medallion she needs him there to protect her. Evan isn’t a witch, so how was he able to put a spell on Cassie? John doesn’t know and isn’t leaving Chance Harbor until he finds out.

Even though Jake did offer John’s life to save Cassie, John wants to be allies with someone who also values his daughter’s life, so he asks Jake to team up with him. I think Jake’s smart enough to say yes to John Blackwell, powers or no powers.

Lee breaks into Faye’s room and tells her to give him the totem. He breaks it to prove that he’s not trying to hurt her or take his power. Then he grabs Faye and kisses her and she kisses him back. Yay! But what about his girlfriend in the coma? Boo.

On the other end of town, Lee’s girlfriend wakes up. Timing is everything.

Episode 13: Cassie, meet Lucy. She’s evil and going to double-cross you. Have fun!
Episode 12: And Then She Found A Necklace…
Episode 11: Cassie VS. Faye VS. The Secret Circle
Episode 10: Good Girls Gone Bad….
Episode 9: I Told The Witch Hunter I Was In Love With You
Episode 8: When Did A Game Of Truth Or Dare Ever Turn Out Good?
Episode 7: Something Wicked This Way Comes
Episode 6: I Got A Special Crystal That Gives Me Uber-Powers. Do You?
Episode 5: Grama’s Got Skillz! But Not Enough To Save Nick…
Episode 4: With Witches, Come Demons. Duh!
Episode 3: Umm…Diana, Where The Hell Did You Put My Powers?
Episode 2: “Watch Who You’re Binding, Yo!”
Episode 1: “You’re A Witch. We All Are. There!”


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