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The Secret Circle Ep. 16: Lucky

March 20th, 2012

Cassie’s father is sticking around to protect her from herself, Adam learns his father has a dark past, Faye and Lee take their relationship public and Diana meets a new guy. Find out what happened on Episode 16 of The Secret Circle!

Watch new episodes of The Secret Circle every Friday at 7 pm ET followed by The Vampire Diaries and Degrassi.

Still trying to protect her, Cassie’s dad John Blackwell has no intention of leaving Chance Harbor until Cassie’s grandmother returns. Little do they know she’s not coming back. Yikes. John offers to answer whatever questions Cassie has for him in an effort to get to know one another. John admits that the dark magic changed him and he hurt Cassie’s mother. Cassie thinks that she can control her dark magic, but John tells her that the more she uses it the more it will take control over her. I’m gonna go with his opinion being the correct one on this subject.

The circle discuss where John has been for 16 years and Faye jokes that he could have another family somewhere. Huh. She may have something. Even though he no longer has his power, Jake still thinks that John can help the circle defeat Evan.

After the circle disperses, Adam invites Cassie to casino night and she accepts with a kiss. So officially no more sneaking around or being careful to not hurt Diana’s feelings? Gotcha.

Lee’s girlfriend wakes up and is feeling weak, but looks a lot more alive than she did last time we saw her. She promises to never leave Lee’s side and refuses to call her family who gave up on her.

Diana and Melissa go to the boathouse to pick up glasses for Casino night, but are quickly interrupted by a hot Aussie. He makes no attempt to hide his interest in Diana, but she does everything she can to run the other way instead of risk liking a normal guy and having to explain her witch status (Facebook should really make a section for that).

Still, Grant (hot Aussie) pursues Diana and Melissa invites him to Casino night. Grant already has plans, but if Diana (and my eyeballs) are lucky we’ll see him again.

After work, Cassie finds her dad sneaking around their meeting house and watches as he throws a table when he can’t seem to find what he’s looking for. Cassie calls Adam, who thinks hes knows what John was looking for in the house. It’s a sway, which takes a witch’s power. Cassie wants to hang on to the sway and try to find out how her father intended to use it.

John tells Cassie that another witch had to have spelled the sway to give Evan power and thinks it was someone on the boat the day of the fire and was from Cassie’s mother’s circle.

Faye shows up at Lee’s to invite him to casino night, but she quickly sees Eva’s shoes on the floor. Lee promises he’s done remembering Eva, but he can’t get out of plans he already has and won’t be joining her at casino night. What an odd love triangle. A witch, a voo doo priest and a dead girl.

Faye shows up later dressed for the party in an attempt to get Lee to change his mind, but instead finds his girlfriend Eva very un-dead.

Lee walks in a kisses Eva, pretending to not know Faye. Harsh.

I knew it! Grant showed up at Casino night with a handful of hundreds.

Melissa’s reaction to Diana still not giving him a chance is the same as mine. SMH.

Casie thinks that it was Adam’s father who spelled the sway for Evan, but Adam is obviously a bit upset by this idea. Cassie talks to Jake about Ethan and Jake doesn’t want to protect Ethan if he’s behind the witch hunters that tried to kill Cassie, John and Jake.

Adam goes to the Boat House to talk to his dad about Cassie’s allegations, but Ethan just dances around the subject and repeats for the millionth time that Adam and Cassie are written in the stars. We get it.

Lee shows up at Casino night and tries to apologize to Faye. She won’t listen, so when talking fails he kisses her.

Somehow Eva knew where Lee was headed and spoils his reunion with Faye. He tries to tell her that it’s over, but Eva doesn’t want to hear it.

Eva is upset with Lee for letting Faye come between them. When Eva came back from the dead she acquired power. Maybe that’s how she knew where Lee was when he was at the dance? Lee stands firm and tells Eva that they’re done. She tells Lee they were supposed to grow old together and uses her magic to suffocate and kill Lee. Some thanks for bringing her back from the dead.

Back at the dance, Dawn sneaks up on John and he pins her against a locker. She wants them to team up to get their power back, but John says he’s changed.

Cassie follows John out of the school and sees a man stab him. John is okay, so Cassie runs after the assailant and uses her black magic to attack him.

Cassie stops when she sees that it’s Ethan. John catches up and convinces Cassie to let him go.

John doesn’t think that Ethan is the traitor, but instead he blames John for the boat fire and for taking Cassie’s mother away from him. John doesn’t want Cassie to use magic in any form because the dark magic will creep in that way.

John knows it was Ethan who betrayed the circle 16 years ago, but also knows that he doesn’t have power to work with the witch hunters now. Ethan says that it was Amelia who wanted John dead on the boat. Ethan thinks he and Amelia were written in the stars, but John tells Ethan that being written in the stars is a curse. John makes Ethan promise to tell no one that Cassie lost control that night and almost killed Ethan.

Grant walks Diana to her car and tells her about his sailing trips.

He’s leaving the next morning at dawn and Diana suggests that he stay and kisses him. Grant promises to come back. I’m a little worried this guy has bad intentions. Not that he’s ungentlemanly, but that he’s a witch/witch hunter. This is Chance Harbor after all.

Cassie tells Adam about what happened that night and he actually takes the news quite well. Cassie is worried that they’ll make the same mistakes as their parents and tries to pull away from Adam, scared she’ll hurt him.

But Adam isn’t scared and tells Cassie he loves her. One thing leads to another and they use their witchy powers to make each others close disappear.

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