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The Secret Circle Ep. 18: Sacrifice

April 13th, 2012

After the elixir worked on Adam and not Cassie, things are getting increasingly upsetting for Cassie since her feelings of love are no longer reciprocated.

To make matters even worse, Evan is back in Chance Harbor with his witch hunters. He’s brought along his own witch, who manages to escape and heads straight Jake’s house, where Jake finds him and immediately starts pummeling him. Jake knows the witch, Samuel, and thinks he’s there to kill Jake. Cassie sees the boys fighting from her window and uses her dark magic to toss Samuel across the room. Samuel wants to talk to John Blackwell and quickly, since Evan will kill him soon. Evan is resurrecting demons and Samuel wants to warn John, hoping he can stop Evan.

Melissa, Faye and Diana are at the Boat House helping Adam set up for the hockey team banquet and Grant is there waiting for Diana. He’s back from the high seas and wants to take Diana on a proper date.

Apparently he’s better with water when it’s not frozen.

Grant and Diana attempt to go skating and Grant invites Diana to sail out of Chance Harbor with him. Dang! That was fast. Diana tells Grant that it’s too soon for her to sail away with him and declines his offer to check out the ship.

After Diana takes off with Grant, Adam agrees to help Faye and Melissa flirt with one of the hockey players, Kyle. Things are going pretty well and it looks like Faye and Melissa, who both have recently deceased boyfriends, may have someone new on the horizon.

That is until Kyle, the hockey player, greets his girlfriend with a kiss. Yikes. Adam completely loses his cool and goes after Kyle, telling the girlfriend that her bf was cheating on her all night. Seems pretty out of left field for Adam, but he later tells Melissa and Faye that he’s tired of them having nothing but bad things happen in their love lives.

Later, Diana has a change of heart and decides to take Grant up on his offer to check out his boat, but when she gets to the dock she finds out that he’s not sailing on his own yacht like he said. Instead, Grant is just a crew member of a working ship. How did he think he could keep this a secret after he invited her on the boat? Didn’t really think that one through, eh Grant?

Diana heads home and finds Grant waiting for her there. She refuses to speak to anyone who would lie to her (aren’t you lying to him about being a witch?) and says that she’s done with him.

But Grant manages to get out enough of an apology to soften Diana into agreeing to give him one more day to make it up to her. Good choice, Diana. He’s cah-ute!

Samuel tells John that Evan is working with a traitor witch to use demons to erase all witches. What kind of a witch would help him do that? Seems a bit self-destructive. Evan wants to summon the demons at Harbour Woods, which apparently is what John was trying to do 16 yeas ago when the fire started, killing the circle’s parents.

Cassie overhears the witch hunter and John tries to explain that he wanted to protect the circle by using demons to fight off the witch hunters, but Cassie’s mother spelled the demons and stopped John’s plan. Is anyone else starting to get a bit confused? John tells Cassie to gather the circle and meet him at the abandoned house so that they can all take on Evan together, but in reality, John plans on fighting the demons alone. John realizes that the demon that killed Jake’s brother Chris is inside Samuel and knows that he’s going to have to sacrifice Samuel to destroy the demon.

When they get to Harbor Woods, John encircles Samuel in the dirt. The circle will draw the demon out of Samuel, but in doing so John offers himself to the demon and shows that he still has power. Evan finds his demon-witch being sacrificed and tries to stop John.

At this point the circle have realized that John intends to take on Evan alone and rush to help him, in turn messing up John’s plans and successfully moving the demon from Samuel to Evan. Now the demons are inside of Evan and he’s more powerful than the whole circle and John combined. Whoops!

Back at the abandoned house, John Blackwell gives a pretty convincing Braveheart speech and preps the circle for battling the witch hunters and ending the feud once and for all. But to stand a chance everyone will need their family crystals. Cassie knows where her family crystal is hidden, but what about the other five?

In the final scene we see John return to Harbor Woods to dig up what looks to be a really poorly buried skeleton (that’s definitely not six feet). Who is that? Could it be one of the circle’s family member? Cassie’s mom?


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