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The Simpsons meets Family Guy and other TV crossovers we want

May 13th, 2014

Simpson Family Guy Crossover

After announcing a crossover episode between The Simpsons and Family Guy last summer, fans are finally getting a first look at the episode, which will air this September. The hour-long episode will include the Griffins making their way to Springfield, where Stewie and Bart bond over pranks and Lois and Marge strike up a friendship. Oh, and of course this happens.


We can’t wait to see our favourite cartoon families finally meet, but what about other shows we love? Who else should get a meet-cute?

Workaholics meets Broad City

Please tell me how much money I have to pay to see Ders, Blake and Adam attempt to impress Abbi and Ilana at one of their house parties while the girls are on vacation. Just give me a number. I need something to work towards.


broad city

Conan meets The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Let’s take the two most musical, most funny, most awesome hair-hosts and put them together forever. Or just one night. Forever would be preferable.



Pretty Little Liars meets Awkward.

I can picture it now; the girls of Rosewood are finally closing in on ‘A’ and ready to unmask the person who has been terrifying their lives for years when Sadie uses her Aunt Alli’s car to finally knock ‘A’ over and rip off the hood. ‘You’re welcome.’



Game of Thrones meets Girls

The families of Game of Thrones travel to modern day New York City and come head to head with Hannah and her friends to decide once and for all which HBO program is more awkward to watch with your parents. So many booooooobs!



Orphan Black meets The Vampire Diaries

Think it’s super weird to be a clone? How about being a vampire? Or a vampire/werewolf hybrid? Oh wait, a dozen people are trying to kill you? Me too. Boo hoo. This is a zero-sympathy crossover.



Dancing With The Stars meets Reign

Feuds between the celebs, secret romances with the pros, the judges doing their best to get the most attention during their ten seconds and injuries popping up left, right and centre. The only difference between DWTS and the French court is that they really frown on public executions on ABC. Instead, you just get to go home.




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