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The Skins Open Casting Call

November 27th, 2009

If you haven’t heard of Skins, e4‘s daring teen drama that has taken over the UK, then get out from under that rock! Season 4(or as they say in British talk “series” 4) in currently being filmed now and the trailer was just recently released!

Lookie! But warning, the show is pretty daring and risque…

Crazy right? Yeah. Super crazy.

Why am I blabbering on about this show that only airs on the other side of the big ol’pond? Well! A North American version of Skins is on the way! Some people are scared, but I couldn’t be more excited! The same thing was done with The Office – and that turned out well! Right? Right!

This North American version will take place in Baltimore instead of Bristol, but will be filmed mostly in Toronto! Needless to say I freaked out with excitement when I heard about a Toronto open casting call for the show!

The story of my Skins casting journey and a few more photos after the jump…

The casting call took place last Saturday November 21st at Jarvis Collegiate, an old beautiful school that really set the tone. What also set the tone? The hundreds of teens lined up outside the school, each one looking cooler then the next! Eek! My competition!

As a few of my friends and I waited to get into the school and get a number, we watched as several want to be auditionees were turned away for being too old. The oldest you could be was 18, but even then your chances were slim. Skins loves the youth and if you’re even a little bit old they’ll kick you out! One guy had only turned 19 that day, but no exceptions were granted!

Finally, after a few hours we reached the door with our IDs in hand. Just a few months short of 19 I was just able to squeak in! Thank goodness. Into the school we went! We were each assigned a number that we then had to pose with for a photo. I was lucky number 593. Yes, this meant I would be the 593rd person to audition. Soooo many people! After filling out some info sheets, we were then lead into an auditorium with EVEN MORE PEOPLE in it to wait some more. In this case that “some more” was another 2 hours.

The out of nowhere BAM it’s your turn! In fly the butterflies and off 20 of us went! We were taken to a classroom and divided up into even smaller groups of four or five. Each group was given a situation to act out, and roughly five minutes to put it all together. What with this being a Skins audition, the situations were pretty out there. Situations include “Your boyfriend put a video of the two of you being intimate on YouTube” “You sold your friend’s laptop to buy drugs” ” You made out with your best friend’s boyfriend at a party” etc.

My group was given the situation “There’s four of you but there’s only 3 concert tickets” and we quickly did our best to create a dramatic little scene. Before we knew it, in came the panel of judges – two of which included producers of the original UK Skins! I felt like I was in American Idol!

Each group preformed their 2 minute scene and then we waited a little longer. The panel asked a few people questions and then they announced who would be getting a call back. There were three of us… and I was one of them!

I couldn’t help but freak out and scream a little! You want moi? Okay! I was given a script to memorize and instructions of where to do the next day.

How did my call back go? Super scary to say the least! Only three of us went in at a time and the whole audition was filmed! We preformed our scene, and the panel asked us more questions. And then it came back to haunt me. The dreaded age question.
“Just how old are you?”
“And when are you turning 19?”
“End of January…”

The catch? Filming begins in February 2010.

So I didn’t get the part. That being said there’s still some hope! Not to brag or anything, but after the audition one of the panel members pulled me aside to say that they were really impressed and are keeping me in mind for a side role. So here’s hoping!

Did any of you go to the audition? How did it go?

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