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The Vampire Diaries Ep. 10: After School Special

January 18th, 2013

Bonnie realizes her powers have come back stronger than ever, Stefan finds out the truth about Elena and Damon and Jeremy’s hunter training is accelerated by Klaus. Find out what happened on tonight’s episode of The Vampire Diaries after the jump!

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After Klaus killed Carol Lockwood to punish Tyler for turning the hybrids against him, Tyler must now sit through a memorial service for the second parent he’s lost while still in high school. Upset, Tyler leaves early and misses Sheriff Forbes introducing the new mayor, who also happens to be Bonnie’s father.

When Elena thinks she spots Rebekah during the assembly, she wanders the halls and instead finds April in tears. When Elena tries to console her old friend she quickly finds herself on the losing end of a neck snap from Rebekah.

Elena wakes up in the library with a very angry April, who now knows she’s spent the last few months being compelled. As an original vampire, Rebekah is able to compel Elena to stay in the library until she’s finished doing whatever she wants with Elena. Eager to get all her favourite vampires in one place, Rebekah calls Stefan and tells him that she has Elena hostage. When he and Caroline try to save Elena, they both find themselves as the newest cast members of The Breakfast Club.

It’s honesty time and Rebekah is ready to get her revenge on the vampires with her compulsion. She wants to know everything they know about finding the cure, but first she wants to have some fun and forces Elena to share her true feelings for Damon. Not only does Stefan now know that the love of his life slept with his brother, he also learns that Elena loves Damon because she wants to, not because she’s sired to him. Ouch.

The group is forced to tell Rebekah about Shane, who is busy giving Bonnie her graduation cap now that she’s back to being a full witch. On her way out of Shane’s office she walks past a man that looks familiar. It’s Kol, Rebekah and Klaus’ brother! Yikes! Kol escapes with Shane, but Bonnie manages to follow them long enough to see them go inside Mystic Falls High School.

Bonnie doesn’t find Shane, but she does find April in a science room. Bonnie performs a protection spell on Shane knowing that he can’t be compelled and will be tortured to death by Kol and Rebekah, but Bonnie accidentally links him to April. When Shane tells Rebekah and Kol that he can help them find the cure if they help him awake the dark vampire Silas, we finally learn that Shane had the 12 council members and 12 hybrids killed for the sacrifice required to bring back Silas. Kol kills Shane out of fear of Silas’ return, almost killing April in the process.

Rebekah has sent for Tyler and compelled him to kill his friends, who aren’t allowed to leave the school.

Elena and Stefan managed to fend Tyler off and find April in time to give her vampire blood and save her life.

Rebekah finds Elena and Stefan still alive and decides to play with them a little while longer. She offers to compel Stefan to forget every memory he has of Elena and erase all the pain Elena has caused him. Stefan accepts her offer, but Rebekah laughs, telling Stefan he deserves to feel the pain she felt when Klaus compelled Stefan to forget about Rebekah. All is fair in love and compulsion.

Matt and Damon have spent the week at the lake house trying to help Jeremy become a hunter, but his progress is going too slow for Klaus, who is eager to find the cure. When Klaus shows up unexpectedly to check in on the men, Damon shoots him in the chest for murdering Carol Lockwood. It doesn’t kill him, but it probably stings pretty badly.

Damon doesn’t think that Jeremy has had enough training to fight off vampires, but Klaus does what Klaus wants and begins turning the locals and compelling them to attack Jeremy. The first victim is an innocent pizza girl who Jeremy stakes only seconds before she kills Matt.

Next, Klaus calls the men to a bar full of transitioning vampires for Jeremy to kill. Like, 20 of them. I don’t think the whole ‘map thing’ works if Jeremy is dead.

After realizing her feelings for Damon are real and not sire-related, Elena calls her new Salvatore and tells him how she feels. Damon admits that in order to keep Jeremy alive he’s going to have to do terrible things, but asks Elena to come to him immediately. Unfortunately, the episode ends before we get any good Delena scenes. Why must you teaser us, TVD?

Bonnie finds Shane alive in his office and he looks like he’s almost ready to tell her that the cure cannot be found without her, but instead he gives her this vague statement that makes her crinkle her forehead.

Stefan invites Rebekah to his house to lay out of the facts. Klaus has Jeremy and Shane has Bonnie. The two of them have nothing, except a common goal to find the cure before anyone else. Partners? Partners. They’re totally gonna sleep together.


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