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The Vampire Diaries Ep. 11: Catch Me If You Can

January 25th, 2013

Bonnie’s mentor is unmasked, Stefan teams up with Rebekah and Damon turns from Jeremy’s mentor to his enemy. Find out what happened on tonight’s episode of The Vampire Diaries after the jump!

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Jeremy refuses to take orders from Klaus and doesn’t want to kill all the innocent people Klaus turned into vampires. Klaus fights fire with fire and compels all the vampires to chase down Jeremy and then chase down Matt. Harsh. Damon, thankfully finding his common sense, is opposed to Klaus’ plan and helps Jeremy and Matt take off for the lake house while Damon kills a handful of the new vampires.

Thankfully, Elena shows up in time to save Matt before he has his trachea eaten by a vampire and they make it to the lake house with Jeremy still alive. It’s morning and the group are safe from the compelled vampires until night fall. Elena is upset that Damon forced Jeremy to kill innocent people, but Damon tells Elena that he will keep her brother safe and leaves her to take Matt home.

Damon and Jeremy return to the bar ready to kill the new vampires, but they instead find that Kol has already been there and made a dinner out of the vamps. Kol moves to attack the two men and Damon stops him before he can rip off Jeremy’s arms.

Jeremy calls Elena, telling her that Kol has Damon. Elena tries calling Stefan for help, but Rebekah picks up instead. Elena explains the situation and takes Stefan’s silence as a refusal to help. Elena then goes to Klaus, hoping he can keep Damon alive by calling off Kol.

After some begging, Klaus finally agrees and calls Kol, telling him to release Damon and stay away from Jeremy. Satisfied, Klaus hangs up, but his call wasn’t enough. Instead, Kol compels Damon to stab himself in the chest and then goes even further, compelling Damon to kill Jeremy. This isn’t good.

Stefan finds his new partner in crime Rebekah hanging out in his bedroom. They are totally going to sleep together. Rebekah wants to get to work on their plan to find the cure and that means stealing Silas’ headstone from Shane, forcing Shane to join their side.

In order to get Shane out of his office, Rebekah has arranged for April to tell Sheriff Forbes that Shane was behind the council killings, forcing the Sheriff to bring Shane in for questioning. This puts a stop to Shane’s daily witch craft session with Bonnie.

Rebekah and Stefan are searching Shane’s office for Silas’ headstone when a stranger breaks into Shane’s office and locates the headstone. Rebekah grabs him before he can leave with it and she and Stefan torture the man in an attempt to find out who sent him. Before they can get any information from him, he bites out his tongue and then stabs himself in the throat. That. Was. Gruesome.

Bonnie’s father explains to Bonnie that Rebekah and April Young came to them with Shane’s name, but she’s still not convinced that Shane orchestrated a mass killing of the council. She decides to take her turn at questioning Shane about the council and he quickly admits that he did have them killed. Wow. They should make her Sheriff. Shane admits to Bonnie that he did mastermind the killing, but he assures her that he’s not a murderer because Silas will bring back all the people killed in his name. Bonnie, finally seeing Shane as a crazy person, is ready to walk out on Shane forever when he reels her back in with a promise to help Bonnie bring her Gran back from the other side.

He plays on Bonnie’s guilt over Gran being tortured by spirits and she uses her magic to inflict pain on Shane. When her father rushes in, Shane finally uses trigger words to stop Bonnie from hurting him.

Still compelled, Damon goes to The Grill to find Jeremy, who sees Damon turning his vampy-features on once he spots Jeremy. Thankfully, Elena grabs Damon and gives Jeremy time to arm himself. Well, not really thankfully. I’d rather neither of them die. Jeremy sees a vent in the back room leading to a tunnel under The Grill. Damon realizes that Kol compelled him to kill Jeremy and takes off before Elena has time to stop him. Damon screams through the tunnel and tells Jeremy about the compulsion and urges him to run, but instead Jeremy cuts his hand, drawing Damon to him. They fight and Damon tells Jeremy to kill him, but instead Jeremy just shoots him in the head, slowing Damon down long enough to get away.

Damon chases Jeremy into the woods and Elena stops him, until Damon smells Jeremy’s blood. Thankfully, Stefan decides to help and snaps Damon’s neck, then drags him home to bleed him out and weaken him until they find a cure. Hm. that could be a long time. I don’t know if I like this plan.

Rebekah tries to do her part by finding Kol and threatening him with a dagger unless Kol calls off Damon. Instead, Kol threatens Rebekah with a white oak stake and is stopped at the last second by Klaus. This family is messed up. Still, Rebekah doesn’t forgive her older brother for, you know, repeatedly killing her.

Concerned that his hunter will be killed by his brother Kol, Klaus heads to the Gilbert house and asks Jeremy to move in with him. Jeremy refuses, saying that he’d rather take his chances alone. Um, how about Klaus just moves in with you guys? It would make me feel better.

Elena does some math and realizes that the best way to avoid killing innocent people and grow the mark is for Jeremy to kill Kol, thus killing the thousands of vampires he’s turned. Seems easier said than done.

Meanwhile, Rebekah and Stefan decide that if they’re going to be a team, they may as well enjoy spending time together. Like, toooogether. I knew it!


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