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The Vampire Diaries Ep. 13: Into The Wild

February 8th, 2013

Finally on the island where Silas is buried, the groups differing motives for finding the cure begins to pull them apart. Plus, Caroline’s life is in danger when Klaus takes out his revenge on Tyler with Caroline. Find out what happened on tonight’s brand new episode of The Vampire Diaries after the jump!

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The group arrive on the island, which is located 200 miles off the Nova Scotia mainland. Shouldn’t this be in kilometres? Anyways, they’re on land for about three seconds before Rebekah and Elena started fighting with one another.

But enough about them. Let’s watch Bonnie take pictures of a half-naked Jeremy. I mean, take pictures of the map. Ya, that’s what she’s doing. Is anyone else really, really disappointed that in killing Kol and the thousands of vampires in his bloodline, Jeremy’s mark only grew about a centimetre? This is what we’ve been waiting for? That looks like it would have only taken the deaths of two vampires, or maybe a really big one, at the most.

Damon is keeping busy by giving Shane the stink eye and constantly reminding Shane that he wants him dead. We know, Damon. You want everyone dead. When Elena asks her new Salvatore boyfriend whether he’ll take the cure when they find it, he tells her he’d rather not speculate. That’s guy-language for ‘no’. Elena tries telling Damon that her feelings for him won’t change after she takes the cure, but he’s not so sure. What a Damon Downer.

The group begin hiking through the bush to find their camping spot and about two seconds after Shane points out a booby trap and reminds them to stick together, Jeremy and Elena separate themselves from the group and Jeremy almost gets an arrow in the head. He’s rescued by someone or something, who sends a hatchet into the back of the archer. Gruesome.

Enjoying a romantic evening by the fire while people they have slept with are only feet away, Rebekah and Stefan begin discussing their feelings about the cure. Stefan admits that he wants to take the cure not because of Elena, but because he misses living without the pain of killing people. Rebekah wants to have kids and a family. She’s pretty old school, but in all fairness she is about a thousand years old.

In the middle of the night someone kidnaps Jeremy. The group wake up and find him gone, so Bonnie does a locator spell and follows a trail of fire.

Rebekah, Elena and Stefan take off into the woods and Shane stays back to watch Bonnie, while Damon stays back to watch Shane.

Rebekah and Elena continue fighting until Rebekah stops a booby trap from killing Elena. Well, that was nice.
With Bonnie off following the flames, Damon ties up Shane and demands to know the truth about why they’re on the island. Shane finally tells Damon everything he knows about Silas. After the death of his wife and daughter, Shane went Silas’ burial ground in hopes of reconnecting with their spirits. After he offered his blood to Silas’ well, Shane’s wife appeared. She was a witch who died while trying to bring their son back to life by using expression. Shane’s wife’s spirit told him that he needed to bring Silas back to life in order to bring all the dead back to the living. Shane had to do this by sacrificing 12 people, contacting a witch that was a descendent of Katsia and finding a hunter. Cue the council/hybrid massacres and Shane’s interest in Bonnie and Jeremy. Also, couldn’t the massacre be avoided with a trip to the blood bank? Silas has been around for thousands of years. His initial plan probably hasn’t been updated to reflect modern medicine.

Realizing Shane is crazy and dangerous, Damon is ready to torture him to death in order to get information on Silas’ location, but Elena shows up and stops him. Upset, Damon is in his usual jerk-mode and tells Elena that he doesn’t care about the cure and doesn’t care about being human. I never thought I’d say this, but did she choose the wrong Salvatore?

Rebekah and Stefan return to camp to find Elena all alone. Shane has disappeared to follow Bonnie and Damon has disappeared to follow Shane. Rebekah points out that Elena has helped kill two of her brothers, but she’s still seen as the bad vampire. Good point. Realizing it’s just the three of them left, Elena offers Rebekah the white oak stake as a sign of peace, suggesting that the three of them band together. This lovely moment is interrupted when Rebekah realizes that Silas’ tombstone has been taken from her bag. I bet I know who took it!

Shane and the tombstone find Bonnie, who is shocked to see not only Shane at the end of the trail, but Jeremy, who is in shackles and being lead around by a male witch. Shane explains that if Bonnie tries to escape with Jeremy, the witch will make sure neither of them ever find their way off the island. Well, this isn’t good.

In his attempt to find Shane, Damon instead finds himself on the receiving end of a neck snap from an unknown hunter, whose mark Damon sees right before the lights go out. I assume this is the hatchet thrower who saved Jeremy.

Klaus is still locked in the Gilbert house with Bonnie’s spell. Tyler checks in on him to make sure Klaus is still suffering, but Klaus quickly reminds Tyler that he killed Tyler’s mother, so now everyone is having a bad time.

Caroline tries to get Tyler to leave and ignore Klaus, but when Tyler refuses, Caroline puts Tyler to work cleaning up Kol’s remains. While bending over, Klaus grabs Caroline through the invisible box and pulls her inside, biting her with his werewolf teeth and sentencing her to death. How did he pull her through the box? I’m confused. Why not kill Tyler?

Tyler tells Klaus he’ll go back to being his slave as long as Klaus saves Caroline, but he rejects Tyler’s offer. Tyler takes Caroline home to die, where she ends up consoling him and reminding Tyler that he’s a leader. This gives Tyler and idea and he brings Caroline back to the Gilbert house, laying her down in front of Klaus, who must now watch the woman he loves die.

Klaus attempts to put on a brave face and tell Caroline that he has no feelings, but she reminds him that she has seen his human side and knows that he loves her. Anyone that is capable of love is capable of being saved. Finally, with only a few breaths of life left, Klaus lets Caroline drink his blood, bringing her back to life. That was a little too close for comfort. What does this mean for Tyler and Caroline now? And what is going to happen when Klaus gets out of the box? Seriously, those two need to book a flight to another continent.


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