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The Vampire Diaries Ep. 15: Stand By Me

February 22nd, 2013


Jeremy’s fate is sealed, throwing Elena into an emotional tailspin and leading Bonnie to make a deal with the devil. Find out what happened on tonight’s brand new episode of The Vampire Diaries below.

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Now that Jeremy is one of the five hunters, he’s become a supernatural being, meaning the Gilbert ring won’t bring him back to life. Stefan and Damon know this and agree for Stefan to get Jeremy off the island and Damon to find Bonnie. Stefan brings Elena and Jeremy back home, but hasn’t found the right way to tell Elena that she can stop waiting for her brother to wake up.


Damon finds Rebekah and gets her up to speed; Jeremy is dead, Katherine has the cure and Silas is awake. They begin searching the island for Bonnie, who is stuck with Shane. Bonnie doesn’t want to help Shane bring the supernatural back the dead, until Shane tells her that Silas drained Jeremy of his blood, killing him.


Caroline and Damon catch Galen the hunter, torturing him until he tells them what he knows about Catherine. Haley, Tyler’s old friend, found Katherine and they began working together to find the cure and find Silas and used Galen to lead them to it.


Damon takes off to find Bonnie, while Rebekah drags Galen into a cave and ties him up, leaving him there to die. Before she walks off, Galen motions to his bag, showing Rebekah that he found Silas’ mask. The evil vampire is free and no one knows what he looks like. Hm. Good point. This definitely makes it difficult to catch him.


Shane wants Bonnie to help him sacrifice another 12 people and bring back the dead with Silas. She tries to run from Shane, but has a hallucination and sees Jeremy in front of her, grasping for life. She’s convinced. She will help Shane and Silas. Oh shizz.


Damon finally finds Bonnie, but unfortunately he finds a Bonnie that is acting like she’s under a spell.


Back in Mystic Falls, Elena thinks that Jeremy’s tattoo disappearing means that he’s not supernatural any more, and refuses to believe that he could be dead. It’s not a bad theory. Unfortunately, Jeremy’s body has begun decomposing and Stefan and Caroline begin to make plans to cover his death, leaving Elena to sit with her brother.


Caroline calls Meredith Fell to check on Jeremy, and Meredith breaks the news to Elena that Jeremy is gone for good. Angry, Elena lashes out at Meredith, finally calming down when she sees Matt’s reaction to Jeremy’s dead body.


Damon and Bonnie arrive at the Gilbert house and Bonnie explains her reason behind the massacre she wants to perform to Carolyn, Tyler and Elena (dead bodies give Silas power) while Damon talks to Stefan privately, terrified that Bonnie has lost her mind. Every supernatural being will be raised from the dead if Bonnie succeeds with Silas, dropping the wall separating purgatory from earth. Didn’t Shane say that all the people he killed would come back to life? The council members weren’t supernatural, so how will they rise from the dead?


Finally realizing that her brother is dead, Elena begins covering her house in lighter fluid, screaming that she doesn’t want to live there anymore and needs a cover story for Jeremy’s death.


Ready to burn down the house, Stefan asks Damon to use his sire bond to calm down. Instead, he tells Elena to turn off her feelings for good.


Shane is waiting for Bonnie when she gets home and thankfully she asks him my question. The 12 people that were not supernatural and died on the Young farm aren’t coming back. They were a ‘sacrifice’. This guy makes Klaus look like a boy scout.


Rebekah is still on the island looking for the cure, when instead she finds Shane’s lifeless body. If Shane’s on the island, I’m guessing that’s Silas’ in his body on Bonnie’s doorstep. I am le scared.


Elena, without her emotions, decides she never wants to come home again and burns her house to the ground with Jeremy’s body in it.



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