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The Vampire Diaries Ep. 18: The Murder Of One

March 30th, 2012

The good guys have a plan to kill the bad guys, but will Mystic Falls be able to rid itself of Originals once and for all? Plus, Rebekah hath no fury like a woman scorned, Bonnie gets pushed to the edge and Eleana comes face to face with her feeling for Damon. Find out what happened on tonight’s brand new episode of The Vampire Diaries under the jump!

Eleana tries to visit Alaric and check on how he’s feeling, but Damon won’t let her inside of Alaric’s apartment. He will continue to flirt with her. There’s always time for that.

Alaric is indeed feeling much better. That’s what vampire hunting with the boys can do to you. Actually, I think I’d feel better after doing anything with Stefan and Damon. While the Salvatore’s are whittling their afternoon away making stakes from what remains of the white oak tree, Alaric announces that he wants to turn himself into the Sheriff.

Damon and Stefan convince him to stay quiet and let Bonnie’s herbs work their way into his system to stop him from killing people. Damon makes Alaric put his ring back on. It may be the reason why he’s killing people, but it’s also the only way to stay alive while vampire hunting.

Eleana tells Caroline that Alaric killed her father and Caroline is distraught. In all fairness, he was going to let himself die. Stefan and Damon text the group to meet in the woods, but Bonnie bails, still upset that her mother left. Stefan explains to the group that they only need to kill one original to ensure the whole family is dead. The game plan is for Matt to distract Rebekah, Caroline to distract Klaus and a free for all for someone to stake them. Twelve stakes means 12 shots at killing originals.

On the Original side of town, Klaus finds Finn and tries to get information on where their mother has been hiding, but Finn tells his brother he only wants to see him dead.

Klaus wants his brother to come back with him to Mystic Falls to talk to the Witch that can help unbind them, especially since Finn’s blood is required for the spell.

Klaus threatens to put Finn back into coffin and when Finn tries to escape, Rebekah catches her brother and Klaus throws him into a brick wall.

Klaus throws Finn all the way back to Mystic Falls where Sage is waiting for them. The former lovers have a happy reunion and Rebekah leaves to get her revenge on Damon.

At the Salvatore house, Rebekah knocks out Alaric and kidnaps Damon, bringing him home to chain him up and bleed the vervane from his blood. Couldn’t she just key his car or something?

Eleana, Matt and Caroline see Finn and Sage taking a leisurely stroll through town square. Eleana alerts Stefan, who tells her to stay away from Sage, which upsets Eleana since she wants to help. Help do what? Get in the way like a teenage mortal?

It turns out that Bonnie didn’t bail on the meeting, but is under Klaus’ watch. Klaus wants Bonnie to break the bond between his siblings and shows her a video of Jeremy, threatening to have Eleana’s brother killed by his brother Kol if she can’t break the bond.

Caroline checks on Alaric after his run-in with Rebekah and confesses she knows it was Alaric who killed father. Alaric apologizes and Caroline admits that she killed a stranger after she turned into a vampire and can sympathize with Alaric. Don’t we all end up killing people when vampires are involved? No.

Stefan wants to go after Finn while he’s eating in the Grill, but Eleana wants them to wait until they can rescue Damon from Rebekah. Stefan disagrees and goes off on an Original-killing mission himself.

Eleana finds a half dead (well, he’s fully dead, but you know what I mean) Damon in Rebekah and Klaus house and unchains him. She forces Damon to drink her blood to get his strength back and that’s when Damon realizes it was all a dream that Rebekah implanted in his head. Not only is she intent on making him suffer physically, but emotionally as well. Conscious again, Damon tells Rebekah that she wouldn’t be so starved for attention if her brother didn’t treat her so badly and keep her locked up for hundreds of years. In return she knifes him. Kinda predictable.

Bonnie still doesn’t want to cooperate, so Klaus offers to help find her mother and bring her back to Mystic Falls. Or bring her back in pieces if Bonnie doesn’t help him. Well, that’s two people threatened. Time to chant.

Damon listens to Sage and Finn’s conversation in the Grill while Matt watches them. Sage has been turning people into vampires in Mystic Falls in case she needed back up. Matt brings the couple their tequila shots and when they realize they’re filled with vervane, Stefan makes his presence known and lures them outside.

Sage fights off Stefan, but Eleana and Matt are able to stake Finn, successfully killing him.

Meanwhile, Bonnie has completed her spell, but was she too quick? Bonnie sees Damon on her way out of the mansion and Klaus gives her the opportunity to help him, but she decides to leave him there.

Bonnie calls Eleana and tells her about the spell and that Klaus has Damon. Bonnie tells Eleana that Klaus threatened her mother and Jeremy and then hangs up the phone and breaks down. I wish she could give herself a happiness spell. Poor Bonnie!

Stefan goes after Damon alone and when Eleana tries to stop him and force Stefan to make a game plan, Sage interrupts their conversation in an attempt to kill Stefan and gain revenge for Finn’s death. How rude. Sage breaks into the Salvatore house and goes after Stefan, but before she can get a second shot in on him she dies, along with the vampire she brought for backup. Stefan, Caroline and Eleana realize that when an original dies all the vampires in their bloodline die as well. Well this puts a bit of a kink in their master plan.

Stefan leaves with eight of the white oak stakes and tries to make a deal with Klaus. He promises the stakes for his brother’s life, but Klaus isn’t convinced that Stefan is telling the truth and with the vervane bled out of his body, Klaus compels Damon, who admits there are more stakes.

Rebekah releases Damon and tells the brothers that her family will leave them alone if they return all of the white oak stakes. Why does she even care about living forever? Her life seems to really suck. Alone, Klaus tells Rebekah that once the Salvatores bring him the rest of the stakes he’ll leave Mystic Falls for good, taking Eleana with him to build a hybrid family. Upset that her brother doesn’t care whether she joins him, Rebekah may finally be on track to realizing Klaus is a bad dude. For some reason, locking her up for hundreds of years didn’t drive that point home for her.

With the brother’s safe and sound, Eleana checks in on Stefan, who says that he’s done hating Klaus and trying to fight him. Stefan tells Eleana that he loves her and knows that she loves him, but Klaus has taken Eleana from him by turning Stefan into a monster and driving Eleana into Damon’s arms. When Stefan asks Eleana whether she’s in love with Damon, she can’t answer. Dun dun dunnnnnn.

Speaking of the beautiful Damon, he’s all healed up like a good vampire and is at Alaric’s to retrieve the last of the white oak stakes.

Unfortunately, Alaric’s counsel-killing alter ego has stolen the stake. Well, this just got tricky.

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