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The Vampire Diaries Ep. 19: Heart Of Darkness

April 20th, 2012

Elena and Damon go on a roadtrip to find Jeremy and to give Elena time to work out her feelings, Stefan and Alaric use any means necessary to find the white oak stake and Caroline and Tyler’s sweet reunion doesn’t stay sweet for long.

Find out what happened on tonight’s brand new episode of The Vampire Diaries!

Alaric is locked up in the Salvatore cell to stop his evil alter ego from killing anyone. Elena pays him a visit to bring supplies and ask whether he’s remembered where he (evil Alaric) hid the last white oak stake that Klaus demands they hand over.

Elena also stopped by to get Alaric’s opinion on driving to Denver with Damon to pick up Jeremy and keep him safe from Klaus. Elena admits that the road trip is Stefan’s idea, since he thinks Elena has unresolved feelings for Damon. Elena can’t disagree with him. Neither can I. DUH.

Rebekah has taken over Caroline’s job as the chair of the decade dance and changed the theme from the 1970s to the 1920s, much to Caroline’s chagrin. The girls engage in a blonde battle and Caroline backs down after finding out Matt agreed with Rebekah.

But wait! The dynamic duo is back! It was all a plan to distract Rebekah and give everyone more time to find out which original they descended from. So schmart.

Matt drives Rebekah home from school and she begins quizzing him on his ulterior motives for his nice behaviour. Matt convinces Rebekah that he’s simply being nice to be nice and she believes him. I know he’s helping Caroline, but I think he may actually like Rebekah. She’s a vampire, but a hot one.

Rebekah walks in the door to find her mother waiting for her. Rebekah quickly greets Esther with a hand hug around the throat.

Esther tells Rebeka she’s drawing her power from the Bennet bloodline and when Abby died it weakened her.

Before they can fully make up, Esther drops to the floor, dead.

Alaric needs to fall asleep in order to bring out the evil Alaric, so Stefan suggests they drink their way to slumber. Alaric inquires why Stefan wouldn’t join Elena and Damon and Stefan admits that he may need to torture Alaric to get the hiding place of the white oak out of him. Yikes. Stefan also admits that trying to go back to good Stefan doesn’t matter if Elena loves someone else, so he suggested Elena deal with her Damon feelings once and for all.

Elena and Damon surprise Jeremy, who isn’t overly excited to see them, immediately sensing that something is wrong. Damon and Elena explain that they want Jeremy to use his ghosty powers to talk to Rose and find out who sired her and therefore which original started the Salvatore blood line.

Unfortunately, their reunion is interrupted by Jeremy’s new friend, or Kol, as we know him.

Kol takes a bat to Damon’s head, but Damon manages to retaliate and stake Kol before the fight gets any bloodier.

Jeremy, Elena and Damon find a motel to hide in until Kol finds them, hopefully giving Jeremy enough time to contact Rose. Damon shares his memory of Rose dying and it’s enough to bring her to their room.

Rose tells Jeremy that she’s happy on the other side, but she doesn’t have any news on the originals. Rose was sired by Mary Porter and says that she’ll do her best to find out more about the bloodline.

That’s great and all, but can we take a moment to acknowledge how ripped Jeremy has gotten since moving to Denver? Dayum! Slow clap for Jeremy Gilbert.

Caroline and Tyler reunite in the woods and then really, really reunite in Tyler’s family dungeon.

While Tyler was gone he turned a number of times in the Appalachian Mountains and now thinks that since he could survive that ordeal, he can survive anything. Unfortunately, Caroline drops the original blood line thing on Tyler and her concern that Damon doesn’t care whether Tyler lives or dies when it comes to killing Klaus.

Since he can’t face his mother as a hybrid, Tyler and Caroline plan to spend his first night back in Mystic Falls at her house. Unfortunately, Tyler finds the picture Klaus drew of Caroline and demands to know what happened while he was away. Caroline tries to convince Tyler that she has no feelings for the evil original, but Tyler thinks that Caroline hanging onto the drawing is an omission of feelings and leaves her house. I hope he didn’t notice the diamond necklace and dress from Klaus, too.

Klaus finds Alaric and Stefan in the basement and tries to kill Alaric, but Stefan stops him and explains that killing an original will kill a bloodline of vampires; therefore they need to find the last stake. Klaus isn’t interested in waiting around for Alaric to fall asleep, so he snaps his neck and kills him.

Alright people, this is it. Prepare yourselves. In the hotel while Jeremy is asleep, Damon and Elena watch each other, first from across the room and then from across the bed.

Damon takes Elena’s hand, but when she’s unable to take being so close to him she flees the hotel room. Damon follows her into the hallway and then…


Jeremy interrupts the scene we’ve been waiting for for the past THREE seasons to tell Damon and Elena that Rose is back and found Mary in Kansas. Then he gives Elena a whole lotta judgment. Just to recap, Jeremy cheated on Bonnie, Elena’s best friend, with his dead girlfriend Anna. While Damon hasn’t always been the best bud to Jeremy (he may have kinda killed him, it happens), Elena is technically single. Just saying. Delena stans rejoice!

At Mary’s house in Kansas, Jeremy waits outside while Elena and Damon make out again have a look around Mary’s house. They find Mary staked to the wall and her killer, Kol, waiting for them.

Kol attacks Damon as retribution for earlier in the day.

Damon and Elena manage to escape from Kol and on their drive back to Mystic Falls, Rose makes an appearance to speak with Jeremy. She tells Jeremy that he needs to go easy on his sister. Stefan is the safe choice for her, but Damon challenges Elena in a good way. Damon will either be the best of the worst thing to happen to his sister, but Jeremy needs to let Elena make that decision on her own. Then she told him he looks really hot.

Alaric comes back to life still Alaric and knows that it’s time for step two – Stefan torturing Alaric without his ring. I am not looking forward to these scenes. Stefan begins beating Alaric, but when Alaric’s blood starts to run free, Stefan doesn’t think he’ll be able to control himself. He throws Alaric across the room and realizes that he’s not just throwing Alaric, but Alaric’s evil alter ego.

Right before Stefan is about to kill Alaric, his alter ego admits that the stake is in the cave where no vampire can go. Stefan finds Rebekah and Klaus waiting for him in his living room and Rebekah takes Alaric to the cave to retrieve the stake.

Once in the cave Alaric shows Rebekah the stake, but knowing that her vampire blood prevents her from entering the cave, he takes the opportunity to try to make a deal with her.

But it’s not Rebekah he’s dealing with. It’s Esther! She took over her daughter’s body and wants Alaric to help her kill all the originals!

While this episode gets an A++++ from me because of the long awaited and very well done Delena kiss, what happened to Bonnie? Where she at? Also, where did Meredith disappear to? She’s all about being involved in Alaric’s evilness. I guess he did almost kill her, but she really seemed to be in it for the long haul. Next week it’s time for the Season 3 decade dance!

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