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The Vampire Diaries Ep. 2: The Memorial

October 19th, 2012

When the town comes together to grieve the loss of the council members, the vampires are placed on high alert when one of the mourners turns out to be the new hunter in town. Find out what happened on tonight’s episode of The Vampire Diaries after the jump!

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In an attempt to help Elena transition smoothly into becoming a vampire, Stefan takes her into the woods and shows her how to drink animal blood.

Damon thinks that she needs to drink human blood and experience blood lust in order to learn how to control it, but Stefan refuses to agree and the two brothers almost come to blows. Shirtless fight? No luck.

Elena manages to score her first taste of animal blood, but throws it up after two minutes.

Not everything about being a vampire is bad though. Apparently vampire on vampire sex is pretty great.

Back in the land of the living, Sheriff Forbes finds Damon at the bar in Mystic Grill (shocker) and begins accusing him of killing the council members. Her lecture on not killing humans is interrupted by a stranger named Connor Jordan asking to speak with her.

Elena is the next person to accuse Damon of blowing up the town council, but quickly moves on to asking him for help with animal blood.

Damon’s suggestion is to go into the bathroom and let Elena drink his blood. Is it weird that this is hot? Yes, it’s weird. And hot.

Connor seems to be making himself comfortable in Mystic Falls and invites himself into the Lockwood’s house. When Tyler hears the doorbell, he runs downstairs to check on his mother only to have his hand burned by Connor’s vervane glove. Realizing that Tyler is a vampire, Connor pumps him full of bullets, but thankfully Tyler gets away before Connor can stake him.

Caroline brings the injured Tyler to the Salvatore’s house and Stefan removes the bullets, seeing that they’ve been specially crafted to kill most vampires.

Tyler’s hybrid status is the only reason he survived the shooting, but it looks like the rest of the Mystic Falls vampires need to be ready for a new vampire hunter in town.

After her Grams told her that the witches are punishing her for Bonnie using dark magic, Bonnie hasn’t left her house, or more specifically her couch, in days. Stefan goes to Bonnie for help to see whether she recognizes the carvings on the bullets, but Bonnie only knows that they’re not magic.

Matt and Jeremy are helping to set up the memorial service for the town council members who died and run into April Young, the pastor’s daughter. She goes way back with the Gilbert family and even had Elena as her babysitter. She definitely doesn’t need a babysitter now and it looks like Jeremy notices. April is moving back to Mystic Falls after her father sent her to boarding school when her mother passed away.

April and Elena reunite in the church and Elena tries to lend April a sympathetic ear, but instead Elena runs for the bathroom and throws up Damon’s blood everywhere. Like, everywhere.

Elena calls Damon for help, who quickly makes his way to the church to help Elena clean up. He also brings her a blood bag, but Elena can’t keep that down either. When Stefan spots the two together, Damon admits that he let Elena drink from him after she asked for his help. Damon looks hella mad. Is this equivalent to cheating in the vampire world?

April’s homecoming for her father’s funeral actually gets worse than just coming home for her father’s funeral. Connor stabs April and drags her to the church balcony, keeping her tied up and gagged throughout the memorial service.

When all the vampires smell that someone is bleeding, they realize that they’ve been set up and try to remain calm. Elena, who is starving, can’t ignore the smell of blood and is ready to let her blood lust get the best of her, Matt sticks her neck out for his friend. Literally.

Knowing that they’re being targeted and that he can’t be killed by Connor’s bullets, Tyler takes the podium at the front of the church and sacrifices himself for his friends.

He’s shot immediately by Connor and the church erupts in hysterics with Damon running after Connor, who quickly pumps Damon full of bullets. Stefan finds her brother and instead of helping him, punches him in the face. Don’t hurt that face! I guess Stefan hasn’t forgiven Damon for letting Elena drink his blood, whatever that’s all about.

Elena finds April in the balcony bleeding to death and almost kills her old friend, but Caroline stops her just in time and coaches Elena through compelling April to forget what happened that day.

After the memorial, Matt and Jeremy go to the Grill to pick up dinner and run into Connor, not knowing that he’s the new vampire hunter in town. Jeremy comments on Connor’s tattoo, which Matt and everyone else are unable to see. We know that Jeremy has powers to see the dead, so is Connor dead? Half dead? Kinda dead?

Back at the Salvatore house, Stefan is hella mad that Elena lied to him about being able to drink the animal blood and then going behind his back to ask Damon for help. Elena cries that she feels like all she ever does is cries. Damon blames her heightened emotions on being a vampire. Maybe she’s crying because YOU MADE HER BE A VAMPIRE?!

In an attempt to make Elena feel better, Stefan invites everyone to the school so that they can release lanterns into the sky and say a proper good bye to all the people they’ve lost in the past three years. As you can imagine, this is a long list.

Damon, who has never been one for team activities, shrugs off makeshift memorial service and instead has a drink at the cemetery with his old friend Alaric.

Damon can’t see Alaric, but we can!!! Oh happy day, Alaric is back (sorta). I hope this isn’t the only glimpse of Mr. Saltzman this season.


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