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The Vampire Diaries Ep. 20: Do Not Go Gentle

April 27th, 2012

Remember how we told you this week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries would be really, really, really sad? Ya, it was. Esther uses Alaric to help her end all the original bloodlines, while Elena continues trying to decide which Salvatore brother she wants next to her for all eternity. Plus, it’s time for the decade dance and you know what that means – somebody is gonna die!

Find out what happened on tonight’s episode of The Vampire Diaries after the jump!

In Rebekah’s body, Esther returns home with the white oak stake and Klaus immediately throws it into the fire. He wants to leave immediately with Rebekah and Elena, but Rebecca (Esther) wants to stay for the decade dance. Klaus agrees after Rebecca reminds him that Caroline will be there.

Damon hasn’t heard from Alaric and when he finally does get a hold of him, Alaric admits that he woke up alone and is unsure as to whether or not Rebekah took off with the white oak stake. Alaric wants to get out of town to avoid people while he continues to black out.

But Alaric isn’t getting away for some R & R. His evil alter ego has teamed up with Esther. In order to get back into her old body, Alaric stakes her with a dagger dipped in the white oak, ensuring that Rebekah is dead forever.

Or at least until someone pulls the dagger out.

Elena is helping Caroline get ready for the decade dance while Matt and Jeremy hang, sorry, trickle stars.

Caroline thinks Elena should ask Stefan to the dance to help her figure out which Salvatore brother she wants to be with. Plus, she’s totally Team Stefan and hopes Elena gives him a rose.

Stefan (obviously) says yes to going to the dance with Elena and gets a little vampy smile.

That smile is soon gone when Damon makes his presence and incredibly good hearing known.

Damon visits Meredith at the hospital after finding the herbs that Bonnie made to help Alaric still untouched in his apartment. That’s not a good sign. She’s a doctor. She knows that.

Esther and Alaric head to the Salvatore plot for the spell, since it’s where Klaus tore Esther’s heart from her chest, marking that spot for all time. Also, ew.

Esther needs Alaric’s ring so that she can bind the white oak stake to Alaric, allowing him to use the same stake to kill all her children. Esther creates the ultimate weapon for the ultimate hunter. I am ultimately concerned at this point.

I love TV high school dances. They’re so unrealistic, over the top and amazing. Tyler shows up at the dance and Caroline goes into panic mode, scared that Klaus will find Tyler and kill him. Tyler says that he’ll pretend to be sired still if Klaus shows up and promises that he’s not losing Caroline to the creepy original without a fight. Also, cool hat.

Right before Stefan looks like he may kiss Elena, Damon shows up and pulls them both away to inform them of his discovery in Alaric’s apartment.

Watching them from afar, Jeremy goes after the trio to check on his sister, but bumps into Bonnie and her date Jamie on the way. What are school dances without running into your exes? Bonnie sees that Jeremy is still wearing his ring, but he tells Bonnie that he won’t stop wearing his ring until his sister stops chilling with vampires. Fair enough.

With Alaric’s alter ego hating not just vampires, but vampire sympathizers, Damon is worried that Alaric will go after Elena. Damon thinks they need to mercy kill Alaric and Jeremy overhears the plan, storming off before Damon can do anything to the closest thing he has left to parent.

Esther shows up at the dance and tells Elena that she has to come with her if she ever wants to see Alaric again. When Damon and Stefan try to follow Elena, they find that Esther has bound the high school in salt, trapping the vampires there.

Bonnie and Jamie find an empty room in the school and begin to make out, but they’re interrupted by Damon, who needs Bonnie’s help. He’s really not doing a good job trying to get back on her good side.

Elena and Esther get to the Salvatore graveyard and find Alaric there. Esther plans on making Alaric into the strongest original vampire ever and tap into his dark side and hatred of vampires so that he can kill all the other originals.

Caroline and Tyler are enjoying the dance when Klaus crashes the party. In an attempt to pretend he’s still sired to Klaus, Tyler lets him dance with Caroline. Klaus tells Caroline that he’s leaving town tomorrow and knows that she’s not ready to come with him, but hopes she’ll join him in the future. Klaus tries to leave the dance, but finds that he too, like Stefan and Damon, are trapped in the school.

Esther takes Elena’s blood from her hand and Alaric drinks the blood, finishing the spell. Oh wait. Esther kills Alaric. Now the spell is done.

Bonnie does a locator spell with Jeremy’s blood to find Elena, but Klaus quickly realizes that he knows that his mother is using power from the Salvatore graveyard. Matt and Jeremy show up with crossbows aimed at Esther, but she uses magic to force the boys to point their weapons at one another.

Thankfully, Alaric comes back from the dead as Alaric and moves fast enough to stake Esther before Jeremy and Matt kill one another.

With Esther dead, the boundary spell is broken and Damon and Stefan arrive at the graveyard, with Klaus taking Esther’s body away. Alaric makes the decision to not finish his vampire transition and instead…die.

Alaric looks outside of the Salvatore graveyard and sees that all his loved ones are there to say goodbye. Ohmygosh. Annnnd crying.

Meredith gives Alaric a sedative to help him go quietly and Damon sits with him, having the last few moments with his best friend. Crying continued…

Scared to be on her own, Jamie spends the night with Bonnie. But Bonnie, still fully dressed, doesn’t say asleep for long, waking up to Esther’s ghost telling her that her sisters need Bonnie to finish what Esther started.

Bonnie shows up in a trance and does her brain-squeezy thing to Damon outside of the graveyard.

She stabs herself and pushes her blood into Alaric’s mouth, making him drink blood and finish the transition.

Vampire Alaric lives! Well, he’s dead, but you know…he lives!

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