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The Vampire Diaries Ep. 21: Before Sunset

May 4th, 2012

It’s the second last episode of the season and that means the love triangles are heating up, the vampire count is rising and we’re getting closer a culmination of that pesky Originals-could-end-all-vampires issue. You know. That little thing. Find out who died, who came back to life and who is now enemy number one in this recap of tonight’s brand new episode of The Vampire Diaries!

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Rebekah is back to being Rebekah and she and Caroline seem to find some common ground while cleaning up after the decade dance. But when Rebekah walks through the hall to clean another room, she’s greeted by vampire Alaric, who tries to kill her, Thankfully, Caroline is there in time to save Rebekah. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for Caroline, whose neck is snapped by Alaric.

Instead of saving Caroline, Rebekah runs home to tell Klaus that Alaric is alive, strong and wants to kill. Klaus won’t leave without Elena, but realizing that nightfall is coming and Alaric will be free to roam without the necessary ring to keep him safe from the sun, they both go their separate ways with Klaus planning on kidnapping Elena before nightfall.

Damon finds ‘Bonnie the blood bank’ and brings her, dripping in blood, to Elena and Jeremy’s house. They know they need to kill Alaric and Bonnie knows that a witch can’t truly make someone immortal, meaning she needs to figure out the spell to undo Esther’s magic and end Alaric’s immortal life.

Elena gets a call from Alaric and tells his former pseudo-daughter that he has Caroline and will kill her if Elena doesn’t show up immediately. Elena manages to sneak out of a house full of vampires, a witch and a protective brother to find Caroline nailed to a desk and gagged.

Klaus arrives at the Gilbert’s house ready to kidnap Elena and begins finding objects that he can hurl through the house. Damon and Stefan suggest a truth, since they don’t want Klaus killed by Alaric (which would kill them in turn) and they all want Elena alive. Bonnie remembers a spell her mother used to immobilize Mikael for 15 years. If she can perform the spell and use the vampires strength, they may be able to stop Alaric’s heart.

Bonnie contacted Jamie, who said her mother would be arriving to help with the spell. Thankfully, she pulls through for Bonnie and shows up. Bonnie’s magic comes from the earth, meaning it’s pure.

The spell would force Bonnie to turn to darkness, but Bonnie isn’t scared. To stop the vampire’s heart you need to find a balance among the living, meaning Bonnie will have to stop a human heart. There’s always a catch!

The group decides that Bonnie will stop Jeremy’s heart while Damon, Stefan and Klaus kill Alaric. Before anyone rushes to Caroline, but mostly Elena’s rescue, they drink Bonnie’s blood to bind them together.

In full scary-Alaric mode, the history teacher begins to torture Caroline and screams at Elena to kill her best friend.

Elena smashes a bottle of vervane on Alaric’s face, giving Caroline the chance to get away. Klaus catches Caroline and sends her home to stay safe, once again confusing everyone by showing signs of having a conscious.

Elena realizes that Alaric hasn’t killed her because he’s tied to Elena. Esther tied them with Elena’s blood, ensuring that with Alaric’s lifeline tied to a mortal, making it would be impossible for him to live forever like her children. But before Bonnie’s spell has time to work, Alaric snaps Damon and Stefan’s necks and Klaus takes off with Elena.

Klaus heads straight home and Elena wakes up in Klaus house with a nurse draining her of all her blood. Klaus has decided that he’ll take all of Elena’s blood to make his hybrid army and leave her to die in Mystic Falls. Still pretending he’s sired to Klaus, Tyler sees Elena slowly dying and does nothing.

Damon and Stefan wake up in the hallway and find Alaric standing over them. Alaric knows that Klaus is going to kill Elena and he wants to stay alive until he’s completed his mission of killing the originals. Alaric is trapped at the school until the sun goes down and tells the brothers they better save Elena and fast.

When Klaus leaves the room, Tyler unties Elena, but before he can move her to safety Klaus shows up, realizing Tyler is no longer sired and attacks his hybrid.

Thankfully, Stefan and Damon show up in time to save Tyler and make a strong enough bond with Klaus that Bonnie is able to use the spell to stop the Original’s heart instead of Alaric’s.

With Klaus dead and Jeremy wearing the Gilbert ring, thus bringing him back to life, it looks like we finally have something to celebrate!

Damon and Stefan bring Elena to the hospital for a blood transfusion home, knowing Alaric won’t harm her. Elena apologizes to the brothers for stringing them both along before they leave to drive Klaus body to the Atlantic Ocean for dumping.

While on their road trip together, the Salvatore brothers bask in their enemy’s death and enjoy the new found strength of their friendship. Unfortunately, Stefan has to break up the good mood by reminding Stefan that Elena will eventually pick one of them.

Back in the Gilbert house, Caroline, Tyler, Bonnie, Matt and Jeremy are waiting for Elena to celebrate a Klaus-free world.

But there’s still Alaric and his mission to rid the world of vampires. Alaric has called a council meeting at Mayor Lockwood’s house, where he quickly outs the Mayor and Sheriff Forbes for protecting their vampire children.

Back at his old house, Elena is painting Alaric’s old room when she suffers a massive head pain and collapses, with blood spilling out of her nose. That can’t be good.

Don’t miss the Season 3 finale of The Vampire Diaries this Friday, May 11 at 8 pm ET on MuchMusic!

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