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The Vampire Diaries Ep. 22: The Departed

May 17th, 2012

The Season 3 finale of The Vampire Diaries was one of the most dramatic hours of television we’ve ever seen. From spells to deaths to love triangles, the TVD finale has given us enough cliffhangers that it’ll take the entire summer to fully digest everything.

Find out what happened on the season finale after the jump and click here to watch The Vampire Diaries!

Elena wakes up in the hospital after passing out at the end of last week’s episode from hitting her head off the cabinet when Klaus pushed her. Jeremy, like a normal person, rushed his sister to the hospital after finding her unconscious. But the Salvatore brothers aren’t happy with his quick thinking.

Damon and Stefan are worried that Elena is a sitting duck in the hospital with every vampire wanting to kill her to end Klaus’s life. The brothers know that one of them is going to have to finish transporting Klaus’ body and try to decide who will go back to Mystic Falls, or more specifically, Elena. In the end, Stefan wins the coin flip and gets back to Elena.

When Meredith is finished treating Elena, she finds Alaric waiting for her in her office. Alaric tells Meredith that he’s having her suspended for using vampire blood and will be releasing Elena to his custody. He’s also had Mayor Lockwood and Sheriff Forbes fired. Thankfully, Jeremy worked fast and got Elena home before Alaric got his hands on her.

In the season three finale of The Vampire Diaries we are getting amazing glimpses into Elena’s life before her parents died and the Salvatore brothers entered her life with Elena’s dreams. When Elena falls asleep upon returning home from the hospital, we learn that Bonnie had a bad feeling about the bon fire the night that Elena and her parents were in the car accident. Elena was also already having doubts about her relationship with Matt, not able to tell him that she loved him when he said it to her.

When Jeremy goes out for food for Elena, he’s quickly stopped from leaving the Grill by his old buddy Alaric, who points out that Jeremy’s sister is constantly in danger because of vampires. Alaric wants Jeremy’s help to find Klaus’ body and kill him, along with his siblings, and then have Bonnie put a spell on Alaric to keep him locked up until Elena dies of old age. When he puts it that way it definitely seems like a tempting offer for Jeremy to consider.

Elijah makes his grand return to Mystic Falls and finds himself in the Gilbert living room.

He wants their help in stopping Alaric from killing the originals, and in return will let Elena live out her life. Elijah promises to not revive Klaus for hundreds of years, but still wants to know where his brother’s body has been left. Damon is against the idea, but Elena agrees with Stefan supporting her decision.

Elena, worried that she’s not going to make it through the day without losing another loved one, tells Stefan that she’s scared. Stefan takes the opportunity to make his move and kisses Elena, telling her it may be his last chance. I guess he doesn’t have a good feeling either.

Jeremy tells Matt about Alaric’s offer and Matt admits that he knows where Klaus body is located. But when Jeremy calls Alaric with everyone watching him, he lies and gives Alaric false information on Klaus’ location.

Matt offers to make tea for Elena, but before she can enjoy her brew she finds herself waking up in Matt’s truck, realizing that he drugged her to get her out of Mystic Falls.

Sheriff Forbes and Mayor Lockwood tell Tyler and Caroline that they need to get out of town to hide from the council, who want them both dead. Caroline agrees to run with Tyler, but first she wants to help Elena. They agree to meet in two hours at the cellar. Does anyone else think that one of them is totally not making it to the cellar alive? Getting my tissues ready.

Bonnie meets up with Damon and he shows her the storage locker where Klaus’ body is located. Bonnie asks to have the room to herself for a few moments so that she can perform a spell on Klaus.

Afterwards, Bonnie leaves Damon alone to wait for Rebekah, who is coming to fetch her brother. Unfortunately, Alaric wasn’t thrown off by Jeremy’s lie about Klaus location and quickly finds Damon.

When Rebekah arrives, Damon is able to grab her before Alaric gets the chance and the two move Klaus coffin, but Alaric moves faster, catching them before they can make their getaway.

They try to fight Alaric off, but he stakes Klaus before Damon and Rebekah can stop them. OMIGAWD EVERYONE IS GOING TO DIE! Alaric begins to beat Damon and leaves him for dead.

Unconscious, Damon has a flashback and remembers meeting Elena on the road before her parents picked her up, before she was in the accident and before Stefan saved her.

This is shocking! Damon compelled Elena to forget him, but this changes so many things!

Distraught, Damon finds his cell and calls Stefan to give him the heads up that he’s going to stop breathing pretty soon. Stefan calls Elena, who has the decision of whether to keep driving to Damon or go back to Stefan. In the end, Elena calls Damon and tells him that she cares about him, but that she met Stefan first and never stopped loving him. She finally made her choice and it wasn’t Damon. Wow. I really thought it would be him. If only she knew she met him first!

Knowing that her boyfriend is going to die, Caroline rushes to the cellar in tears and tells Tyler that his fate is sealed.

Distraught, Tyler forces Caroline to leave by transitioning into a werewolf to save her from watching him die. Please pass the tissues.

But wait! When Bonnie goes to the cellar after Caroline has left, she’s not greeted by a werewolf. While she was casting a spell on Klaus in the storage locker she wasn’t keeping him dead, she was bringing him back to life in Tyler’s body! That explains why the Salvatore’s aren’t dead! But what is Bonnie planning on doing with Klaus?

After leaving Damon to die alone, Rebekah finds her brother Elijah in the woods. Neither of them can figure out why Stefan and Damon are still alive (don’t question it, let’s just be happy) and decide that with Klaus dead, their truce with Elena is off. Rebekah tells Stefan to say his good byes to Elena. OMIGAWD NOW ELENA IS GONNA DIE!

Rebekah waits for Elena and Matt on the same bridge that killed Elena’s parents and like déjà vu, forces them to veer off the road and into the water.

Elena has flashbacks of her parents death and we see that Elena’s father told Stefan to save her instead of Mr. Gilbert or his wife.

Again, Stefan arrives in time, but Elena is conscious and won’t let him save her again, instead telling Stefan to take Matt to the surface.

Back at the storage locker, Alaric comes back to finish Damon, but as the two fight, Alaric suddenly loses all his strength and drops dead!

When Jeremy tries calling Matt, he’s interrupted by Alaric, who is back to being Alaric.

Jeremy quickly realizes that he can see the real Alaric because he’s a ghost, which means that Elena is…dead.

Damon, having realized this, rushes to the hospital.

Meredith stops Damon before he can see Elena, telling him that the injuries that caused her to pass out that morning were more severe than she let on. She helped Elena with vampire blood, meaning that when Elena died…

She triggered the vampire blood and is now undead! Elena is a vampire!!!

There are so many things to discuss with this monumental finale.
– Now that Elena is a vampire, will she transition to a full vampire?
– Did Elena know that she had vampire blood in her when she told Stefan to save Matt?
– As a vampire, memories that Elena was compelled to forget as a human will begin to come back to her.
– Jeremy has been against vampires ruining Elena’s life and now that she’s turning into one, will he accept his sister? Will she be invited into their house?
– What is Bonnie planning on doing with Klaus? How long with Klaus use Tyler’s body?
– Is Tyler still alive? When Esther borrowed Rebekah’s body, Rebekah later came back to life in her own body. Will the same be true for Tyler?
– Now that Damon knows Elena has chosen Stefan, will he stay in Mystic Falls?
– With the council on high alert thanks to Alaric, will the vampires be able to stay in Mystic Falls?
– Lastly, will Elena be able to control her urges and not kill a human?

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