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The Vampire Diaries Ep. 22: The Walking Dead

May 10th, 2013


It’s the final episode before the season finale and that means things are getting shocking on tonight’s brand new episode of The Vampire Diaries. Bonnie continues to try to drop the veil to the other side and defeat Silas, but is she strong enough to take out the immortal being? Plus, Elena’s focus on killing Katherine could hurt her best friend.

Find out what happened on tonight’s brand new episode of The Vampire Diaries after the jump! Watch the season finale of The Vampire Diaries on Friday, May 24 at 8E/5P following the season finale of Arrow at 7E/4P.

Bonnie is going to make Katherine super immortal (as opposed to regular immortal) in exchange for Katherine giving her Silas’ tombstone. Bonnie has linked herself to Katherine to keep the flighty vampire around and to stop Silas from getting into Katherine’s head.


Sheriff Forbes calls Damon and Stefan to the hospital, concerned that five patients have been drained of their blood. The brothers agree that it’s Silas work and that the ancient vampire is powering up for something big. Before they can figure out what, Bonnie begins to enact her spell and causes a power outage across town.


Sheriff Forbes discovers that the three power outage sources are the Young Farm where the council was massacred, the Lockwood cellar where the hybrids were massacred and the spot in the woods where Caroline saved Bonnie and mistakenly killed 12 witches. Stefan recognizes the spots as an expression triangle and with the high school in the middle, they start there with the search for Bonnie.


Caroline has been trying to keep Elena distracted from killing Katherine by getting her to help work on graduation, but Elena only has one focus now. When Caroline asks Elena whether she really believes all the awful things she said to Caroline while her emotions were off, Elena tells Caroline that she can’t answer that without turning all of her emotions back on. Caroline and Elena get the call to meet Stefan and Damon at the school. Damon and Elena begin to search outside for Bonnie, but when Damon refuses to help Elena find Katherine instead, she stakes him. So I guess we can assume they’re not dating.


Caroline and Stefan look for Bonnie inside, but they’re too late. She uses the tombstone, which has the blood of the ancient witch Katsuyah, to drop the veil to the other side. This is not going to be good.


Well, that’s not entirely true. Alaric is back!!! His first stop is to say hi to his bestie Damon, who quickly worries that he’s really talking to Silas, not his old friend. Alaric promises that he is who he says he is and explains to Damon that the veil is only down inside the parameters of the expression triangle. If he were to move outside the triangle, he’d be back to Ghost City. Not every spirit on the other side will be coming out of the woodwork, thankfully. Just the ones that have business in Mystic Falls. Hm. This is good and bad news.


Elena finds Katherine wandering in the caves under the school and catches her off guard, attacking the ancient vampire. Not realizing that Bonnie is linked to Katherine, Elena tortures her enemy and her best friend at the same time. Stefan and Caroline find Bonnie screaming in pain and Stefan manages to stop Elena seconds before she kills Katherine, saving Bonnie’s life in the process. Stefan wants Elena to deal with her emotions, all of them, but she is convinced that killing Katherine will solve all her problems and slaps Stefan to get her point across.


Alaric isn’t the only spirit to return. Rebekah’s brother Kol is also back and since his murderer, Jeremy, is dead, he aims his revenge on Elena. Kol finds Rebekah and Matt in The Grill and demands to know Elena’s location. When they refuses to tell him, Kol stabs Matt in the arm. Matt refuses help from Rebekah, hoping to make it to graduation as a human and not a vampire. That would make a good essay for his college application.


When Rebekah looks in the back of The Grill for a first aid kit for Matt, she finds Caroline in a trance, slitting her wrists repeatedly as per Silas’ orders. Caroline can’t be compelled because she has vervane in her system, but Rebekah is finally able to slap her back to her senses.


Distraught and overcome with emotion, Elena goes to Jeremy’s grave to cry over her lost family. It’s there that Kol finds Elena and begins beating her to death.


Without trying to stop him, Elena is finally saved by…Jeremy! Stefan is there too and kills Kol after Jeremy’s arrow wounds the already dead vampire. The brother and sister reunite, but they know the veil will be going up quickly. Or will it?


Silas has taken on Alaric’s form, but Damon sees the change in his old friend and manages to detain him with chains long enough for Bonnie to perform a spell and makes Silas become his true self. She encapsulates the evil vampire in stone, rendering him powerless against Bonnie and her friends.
Damon and Bonnie find Stefan and the reunited Gilbert family in the cemetery. She gives Jeremy a quick hug (all this time pinning and no kiss?) and the three leave Elena and Jeremy to their reunion.


Caroline wants to celebrate but Stefan doesn’t. There was someone that he wanted to celebrate with and she didn’t come, or did she? There’s Lexi! Oh, and she totally ships Stefan and Caroline too.


Damon and Alaric are saying their good byes when Alaric hands his friend something that people would kill for – the cure. Alaric tells Damon to use it and get the girl, but will Damon finally help Elena become a human again?


Bonnie had promised to give Jeremy and Elena as much time as possible, but what she really wants to do is drop the veil completely. Bonnie’s Gran appears and tries to talk her granddaughter out of the dangerous spell, but Bonnie is on a mission and with her expression powers, drops the veil completely to the other side.


What Bonnie didn’t anticipate was the consequence the powerful spell would have on her. When she awakes after passing out from the spell she looks down to see herself…lying dead on the ground. Bonnie has died!


Rebekah and Matt are walking home from The Grill when Rebekah sees her ex-boyfriend Alexander, the vampire hunter that wanted her family killed. Oh shit.


The two turn to run, but they’re confronted by vampire hunters Connor and Vaugh. Oh shiiiiit. If they’re back, then who else is coming? And if they’re killed again, with the veil down, will they ever leave Mystic Falls?


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