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The Vampire Diaries Ep. 3: The Rager

October 26th, 2012

Stefan worries that new vampire Elena will push him back to being a ripper, Damon and Klaus unite to fight a common enemy and Tyler gets a surprise visit from an old friend. Find out what happened on tonight’s episode of The Vampire Diaries after the jump!

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Tyler is in the hospital to appease his mother and make the town think that a human was shot at the funeral and not a hybrid. He hears vampire hunter Connor take down the police guard stationed outside his room, giving Tyler enough time to hide from Connor and attack him from behind. But Connor is also fast and stabs Tyler with a paralytic, then sticking a syringe in Tyler’s gums and removing his DNA. Why didn’t he kill Tyler? And also, EW!

Home from the hospital, Tyler’s welcome committee consists of Klaus and his hybrids, who are there to protect Tyler. Bad news.

Also there to see Tyler is Haley, an old werewolf frind. She helped Tyler get through all his transitions while he was sired to Klaus, eventually making him strong enough to get away from Klaus. Oh, and she’s super-hot and looks like she’s in love with Tyler. Good news?

Connor took Tyler’s werewolf DNA to bottle it and kill vampires. Damon’s plan is to kill Connor first and then leave town and his brother and Elena behind. Like that’s gonna happen.

Damon’s Plan A is to go to Connor’s trailer in the woods and snoop around to see what the hunter knows about Mystic Falls. Before Damon can check out his underwear drawer, he’s shot with Connor’s booby trapped arrows that are attached to explosives. Well, this will be difficult to charm his way out of.

Unable to move without setting off the explosives, Damon calls Meredith for help, who unfortunately for her takes his call. She begins cutting out his arrows while Damon looks through Connor’s paperwork, including a letter that the pastor left for April before he killed himself and the rest of the town council, talking about a war coming for Mystic Falls.

If Damon wanted to find Connor then the first place he should have looked was Mystic Falls High School, which seems to have very little security and no ID system in place. Connor begins roaming the halls and terrorizing the vampires and vampire lovers, starting with Jeremy. Connor pulls Jeremy into a classroom and shows Jeremy his ‘hunters mark’, or his tattoo that Jeremy saw. The tattoo is invisible to anyone who isn’t a hunter or future hunter. Connor tells Jeremy to find him a vampire and he’ll show him everything that he knows.

Matt is Connor’s next target after the hunter notices bandages on Matt’s neck and wrist. He’s been letting Elena feed off him and Connor demands to know what vampire is taking his blood. After she tried to kill him and Elena and then give him a long overdue apology that morning, Matt decides to throw Rebekah under the bus and give Connor her name.

Speaking of Rebekah, she’s making the most of her senior year by terrorizing Elena. She’s throwing a party at her house that night and invites the whole school, right after she stabs Elena with a pencil and then tries to tempt her with a bleeding student.

Stefan and Caroline are worried that Elena is channelling her anger in a negative way, especially towards Rebekah, and instead needs to come to terms with her rage. She’s a vampire who is being harassed by another vampire who tried to kill her and did kill Alaric. I feel like the anger is justified, but what do I know about vampire psychology?

Stefan and Caroline suggest that Elena go to Rebekah’s party and try to have fun, but instead Rebekah steps her game up a notch and grabs Elena’s daylight and shoves it down her garbage disposal. Elena manages to get the ring out before it’s destroyed and Stefan manages to stop Elena before she kills Rebekah and in turn kill the thousands of vampires that Rebekah created.

Stefan moves on to his next plan, which is to take Elena out on his motorcycle for some fun.

The party is winding down and the only person still in Rebekah’s house is April, who would rather clean up then go home alone. Rebekah sees a friend who also lost her family and offers to help April find out what really happened in the explosion that killed her father and the council.

Caroline goes to Tyler’s house instead of the party, but with Klaus and Haley in the next room, Tyler makes up an excuse to get rid of Caroline. Exactly how long does he think he can keep Caroline from finding out about Haley? I give it one more episode, tops.

Jeremy goes to Connor’s trailer and tells him that Meredith Fell is using vampire blood. What the heck, Jeremy! I hope he has a plan. He has a plan! Phew! Connor follows Meredith into a supply room and is shot by his own arrows by Klaus and Damon. But before they kill him, Damon mentions Connor’s tattoo, piquing Klaus interest.

The markings on Connor’s bullet didn’t mean anything to Bonnie, but they do mean something to Klaus. Right after Klaus realizes that Connor is ‘one of the five’, Connor pulls on his arrows and blows up part of the hospital.

Meredith, understandably, is not impressed.

Stefan talks to Caroline about his concern over going back to being the ripper in order to be free with Elena. Caroline decides she’s going to be Stefan’s vampire sponsor. I’m sure that’s a thing.

Still angry over Rebekah, Elena is feeding on Matt and almost kills him. Thankfully, Damon is there to stop her. Damon compels Matt to forget that Elena lost control and tells Elena that he’s going to teach her the right way to be a vampire.

Well, we’re not rid of the vampire hunter just yet. Klaus saved Connor in the explosion after learning he was ‘one of the five’. Connor doesn’t know that that means and neither do I, but I do know that Klaus will do anything to protect Connor.


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