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The Vampire Diaries Ep. 4: The Five

November 2nd, 2012

Elena, Damon and Bonnie take a road trip, Stefan teams up with Klaus and Jeremy’s sight becomes a hindrance. Find out what happened on tonight’s brand new episode of The Vampire Diaries after the jump!

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We’re starting tonight’s new episode of The Vampire Diaries with a history lesson! The year is 1110 A.D. and a witch is spelling the five original vampire hunter’s, giving them their markings and thirst for vampire blood.

Not to be confused with a vampire’s thirst for human blood.

Damon and Stefan are going through Connor’s belongings from his trailer when Damon receives a phone call from Sheriff Forbes telling him that Connor’s remains weren’t found in the fire. When does anything ever go Damon’s way? He should have seen this coming.

Something Stefan didn’t see coming was Elena taking off for the night with his brother. Elena and Stefan are practicing their self defense in the woods and Elena explains that Damon needs to be the one to teach Elena to control her blood lust since Stefan could revert to being the ripper. Damon and Elena are going to crash Bonnie’s trip to meet the professor who took over her Gran’s classes after her death.

How is this a parking spot?

Damon, Elena and Bonnie crash Professor Shane’s class and learn that he believes in all three of them (witches and vampires). They also learn he’s cute. Bonus!

After class, Damon and Elena try staking her first prey, but when Elena is ready to bite, she gets cold feet. Can dead people get cold feet? Aren’ty they cold all the time?

Damon hopes that they’ll have more luck later that night. The new co-eds head to a costume party with a serial killer theme (seriously) and Bonnie runs into Professor Shane, who’s still cute.

Elena spots a guy who is at the party slipping roofies into girls drinks and picks him as her first target. With Damon’s guidance, she’s able to stop herself before killing the guy.

Bonnie and Shane are in her mother’s old office and Shane tells Bonnie about a way that she can get her powers back. And what would that be? I guess this is a ‘next episode’ reveal.

High off the blood, Elena and Damon begin dancing together until Elena sees Bonnie watching them, throwing her back into reality.

Disgusted with herself, Elena comes down off her high and is in tears, upset that she’s turning into Damon. Man, way to kick a guy who’s helping you.

After Matt told Rebekah that she doesn’t have anyone in her life because she’s a bad person, she’s stepped up her apology game and has bought Matt a new truck. He still doesn’t want anything to do with Rebekah, but for once Klaus actually does. He knows that one of the five is still alive and tells Rebekah his news, but she doesn’t want anything to do with the five or Klaus.

Interesting guest room, Klaus.

Stefan visits Klaus and his prisoner in an attempt to figure out what Connor being part of the five really means.

The brotherhood of the five are a group of highly skilled vampire hunters that Klaus and his family crossed paths with in Italy in the 12th Century.

Klaus and his family were on a rampage and their bloodshed brought them to the attention of the five, who captured vampires and killed them in public.

Rebekah fell in love with Alex, one of the five brothers, and the hunter told Rebekah the five’s most precious secret.

Klaus agrees to tell Stefan the secret if Stefan can convince Rebekah to come home and help him with Connor. Klaus, who hasn’t seen an original five since the 12th century, promises Stefan that the hunter will hold the answers to all his desires. Stefan finds Rebekah and is up front with her about Klaus intentions. He promises Rebekah that he will convince everyone to start fresh with Rebekah if she agrees to help Stefan find out what the hunter knows.

Stefan, Rebekah and Klaus have an incredibly dysfunctional family dinner and Klaus finally returns to the history lesson. Alex, the hunter Rebekah was in love with, told the family that the original five had a weapon to destroy all vampires and the tattoo on his arm is a map to its location. But here’s the kicker – the map can only be read with his sword acting as the decoder.

Knowing that Jeremy is the only person who can see the tattoo, Klaus has his hybrids kidnap Jeremy. Klaus forces Jeremy to sketch the tattoo and while he’s drawing Connor, he learns the hunter’s story.

After meeting another hunter, Connor’s tattoo began to appear and it spread as he killed more vampires. Still, no one can figure out why Jeremy can see the tattoo.

Klaus tells Stefan of the night that Alex and his brother’s stabbed the entire family in their sleep.

The daggers did not kill Klaus because he is a hybrid and he de-daggered his family, before seeking his revenge. Before Alex stabbed Rebekah, he told her that the weapon the five were hiding was a cure to vampirism. Then Klaus killed Alex and all his brothers.

Klaus wants to cure Elena so that he can go back to producing his hybrid army with her blood and knows that Stefan will be the perfect accomplice, since Stefan wants to make Elena happy and that means making her human. The only thing missing from Klaus’ plan is finding out the location of the sword, which is the only thing that will decipher the map. Klaus again enlists Stefan to convince Rebekah to tell them the location of the sword and giving Elena her life back.

Stefan sets Rebekah up and tricks her into telling him that she buried Alex with his sword. Klaus, feeling no remorse for his little sister, stabs her with his dagger. He is the worst big brother. Klaus makes Stefan promise to not tell anyone about the cure, binding the two men together once more.

Connor bites the ear bar off of one of Klaus’ hybrids and uses it to unlock his shackles, quickly beheading the hybrid. That was gross.

Connor’s first stop as a free man is the office of the person who sent him to Mystic Falls. Professor Shane! The plot thickens.


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