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The Vampire Diaries Ep. 5: Killer

November 9th, 2012

Stefan’s attempt to keep Klaus secret has deadly consequences, Elena’s transition into being a vampire hits rock bottom and Caroline finally meets Tyler’s old friend Hayley. Find out what happened on tonight’s episode of The Vampire Diaries after the jump!

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Having escaped from Klaus’ house by beheading a hybrid, Connor heads to Shane’s office. Shane will give Connor info about his hunter’s mark when it grows to completion, which is why Shane sent Connor to Mystic Falls in an attempt to make him kill more vampires and let his map grow. Shane asks Connor to stay away from Bonnie, but Connor vows to kill anyone that gets in his way.

Wow, the diary is back! Elena is back to writing in her diary, where everything began. She admits that she hates being a vampire and feels hopeless and scared. Nothing too new, but I like that we’re going back to the classics. Meanwhile, Klaus has finally found out that Connor is gone and that he took the hybrid’s head in order to get more werewolf blood. So, ew. Klaus is in Italy trying to dig up the sword and calls Stefan to tell him to keep working on kidnapping Connor and getting the entire map. Oh and don’t tell anyone.

April visits Matt at Mystic Falls to find out whether he’s seen her new bestie Rebkah around. Um, she’s napping? Forever? He hasn’t, but he does see Jeremy being held by Connor with a big knife in between the two men.

Connor takes Jeremy’s phone and texts all the vampires that he’s holding hostages at Mystic Grill.
When Connor tells Jeremy that they spent the day before talking, Jeremy realizes that someone compelled him to forget, alerting his inner hunter senses. April, who was compelled by Elena to forget that Connor stabbed her at her own father’s funeral, thinks the hunter looks familiar, but doesn’t know why. Matt and Jeremy decide it’s best to keep telling her to ignore Connor and that he is a lunatic. Well, he is, but he’s also telling the truth.

The vampires and hybrids meet up and prepare to take down Connor, but Stefan manages to push them off for a bit and give himself time to come up with a plan to save Connor’s life and his map leading to the cure to vampirism.

They need Bonnie to take down Connor, but she’s busy having no magic and hanging out with Shane. She’s still hoping that Shane will be able to help her get her magic back and he promises that he can, but only through hypnosis. Shane thinks Bonnie needs to confront her guilt over Gran being punished by the spirits, but I think he just wants Bonnie’s secrets about the vampires. The hypnosis works and Bonnie able to light candles. Well, it’s not stopping vampire hunters, but it’s a start.

Damon and Elena find city maps in Alaric’s old apartment and look for another way into the Grill. There are tunnels leading into the restaurant and Elena volunteers to use herself as bait since Connor doesn’t know she’s a vampire.

When Stefan shows up as asks them to back off, Damon begins to questions whether Stefan is again sired to Klaus. It’s a legitimate concern. Knowing his brother won’t listen to reason, Stefan stabs Damon with vervane, begging Elena to trust him and stay away from the Grill.

Hayley and Caroline finally meet and it’s about as tense as expected. Hayley offers very little information about herself, sending Caroline’s jealousy into overdrive. An altercation on the brink of Maury Povich territory is interrupted when Tyler’s friend Dane is been summoned by Klaus to take down Connor without any force, guaranteeing his death.

Tyler calls Klaus to tell him that Dane isn’t going in and instead Klaus brings up Hayley and their time together in the mountains, which Caroline overhears with her super-vampy hearing abilities. Caroline confronts Tyler about his relationship with Hayley and Tyler finally tells her the truth. He’s letting Klaus think they were romantically involved while they were in the mountains instead of letting Klaus know that what they were really doing was helping other hybrids break their sired bond to Klaus.

Back in the Grill, Matt finds the old exit through the wine cellar and begins chipping away at the part of it that has been covered in brick. Stefan manages to break through and free Matt and April, quickly alerting Connor to his presence and receiving a firestorm in return. Dane sets off the booby trap Connor left for the vampires and Connor blows a hole right through him.

Knowing her brother is the only thing keeping her from losing her humanity, Elena makes her way to The Grill and begs Connor to let Jeremy go. Elena attacks Connor after his shot for Stefan missed and hit Jeremy. She saves her brother with her vampire blood, but looks around to see that Stefan had saved Connor and run off with the hunter. Confused as to why Connor would target Jeremy, Elena finally learns about the tattoo. Jeremy admits that he doesn’t remember being with Connor the day before, letting Elena know that someone is protecting Connor. Damon punches his way through a wall in the tunnel and is ready to fight his brother, forcing Stefan to send Connor running the other way and admit the truth to Damon about the cure.

Unfortunately, they don’t reach Elena in time and she kills the only person who could cure her and bring her back to life.

Connor is also the first person that Elena has ever killed and Damon and Stefan find her burying the hunter in the forest, her face soaked in tears and blood.

Rather than tell her the truth about why they saved Connor, the brothers decide to let Elena hate them for a while. Stefan tells Damon that he’s not giving up and instead with keep searching for another one of The Five and Damon agrees to help his brother.

After being freed, April is compelled to forget the day’s events and Matt and Jeremy go along with keeping her in the dark about vampires.

Jeremy also decides to keep everyone in the dark about the hunter’s mark that has now shown up on his hand.

Back in her room, Elena begins feeling drops on blood on her hand. She follows the trail all the way to her bathroom, which looks like a murder scene and sees the words ‘Killer’ in blood on her mirror. Just as soon as the image appeared, it’s gone. Looks like Elena’s conscious is wreaking havoc on her psyche.


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