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The Vampire Diaries Ep. 6: We All Go A Little Crazy Sometimes

November 16th, 2012

Elena’s repercussions for killing Connor are graver than anyone could have expected and Jeremy holds the key to saying his sister’s life. Plus, one relationship comes to a shocking conclusion. Find out what happened on tonight’s episode of The Vampire Diaries after the jump!

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Elena isn’t able to sleep and goes downstairs to warm up milk. Does that still work if you’re a vampire? Her midnight snack is interrupted by a very dead Connor who doesn’t seem that dead. He is haunting Elena, a repercussion of killing a hunter, and when Elena tries to fight him off she ends up stabbing Jeremy instead.

Thankfully, Jeremy is wearing the Gilbert ring and doesn’t die. I’m glad that piece of jewelry serves a purpose to make up for being so gaudy.

Still thinking that Stefan is going behind her back to work with Klaus, Elena calls Damon instead of her boyfriend to help her calm down. Things goes from bad to worse when she takes a shower and the tub begins to fill with blood. She should probably just avoid that bathroom all together. And shower with a friend. Like Damon. Giggity.

Downstairs in sane-ville, Stefan and Damon agree to keep looking for another hunter. Their conversation is interrupted by Klaus. He reminds Stefan that he killed all five original hunters and understands the side effects. In a very un-Klaus move, the original vampire actually helps Elena by kidnapping her and putting her in an isolated room where she can’t hurt herself or anything else.

When in the safe room, which is more like a museum with expensive pointy objects than a padded child-proof enclosure, Klaus tells Elena that after he killed the original five he was haunted…for 52 years. It was relentless torture and though he wanted to kill himself every day, he couldn’t because he’s immortal. Okay, I actually, really feel bad for Klaus. I’ll give it five minutes and then I’m sure he’ll do something despicable.

Left alone, Elena begins hallucinating again. This time she not only sees Connor, but also Katherine, with both visions telling her to kill herself.

Damon and Stefan head straight to Bonnie, hoping that she’ll be able to help them free Elena from her hallucinations, but she is still without her powers. Bonnie suggests that she and Damon head to the school to check out Professor Shane’s exhibit in hopes that he’ll be able to offer some information.

Bonnie introduces Shane to Damon, who shows the professor Jeremy’s drawing of Connor’s map. Intrigued, Shane tells Damon and Bonnie that the curse of killing a hunter is only broken when a potential hunter takes on his legacy and kills a vampire.

Once Shane leaves, Damon shares with Bonnie that Jeremy is their key to freeing Elena.

The Lockwood house has become the location of a hybrid wake for Dean, who was killed in last week’s episode by Connor. Caroline shows up with all of Tyler’s stuff and stages a pretty impressive break up scene with Tyler, convincing Klaus, who leaves to give them time alone. With Klaus gone, Stefan asks Tyler to help him free Elena and Tyler suggest that they ask Chris, another hybrid, who is no longer sired to Klaus after Hailey helped him break the bond. Thankfully, Klaus doesn’t know that.

Stefan unlocks the door to Elena’s room, but thinking that he’s Connor, Elena attacks Stefan and stabs him, knocking him out long enough to escape.

In an attempt to distract Klaus, Caroline finds him at the Grill and lets him buy her a drink. But when she gets the message that Elena has escaped, Caroline comes clean to Klaus about their plan (minus the fake break up) and tells him that Jeremy needs to kill a vampire to end the hallucinations.

Klaus offers Jeremy his hybrid Chris to kill, who Tyler had promised to protect, in exchange for a date with Caroline. Tyler is doubling peeved, understandably.

Elena makes her way to the Wickory Bridge where nothing good happens. She sees her mother, who like Connor and Katherine, tell Elena that she’s a monster and needs to kill herself. Elena throws her day light ring into the river and waits for the sun to rise. Thankfully, Damon finds her there just in time to save her before she’s burned to death. Well, vampire death.

Elena wakes up to find that her daylight ring is back on and the hallucinations have stopped thanks to Jeremy becoming a killer. Busy week for the Gilbert family. Damon is waiting for her and tells her the truth about Stefan working with Klaus in order to cure Elena. Even with that knowledge, Elena can’t keep hiding the fact that her feelings for the brothers have changed.

Everything she felt for Damon when she was human has been magnified and her feelings for Stefan have lessened. Stefan knows that and knows that he can’t be Elena’s second choice. The two talk and agree – Selena is over. This. Is. Shocking.

While Stefan and Elena are busy breaking up and blowing my freaking mind, Matt approaches Damon at the Grill with some interesting insights. The quarterback did some research after April recognized Professor Shane as the man her father worked with when he guest lectured courses on theology at Whitmore College. Matt looked into the Pastor’s phone records and saw that he called Professor Shane every day for a month and then ten times on the day the council was blown up. Finally! Time to get Bonnie hella far away from Shane.


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