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The Vampire Diaries Ep. 7: My Brother’s Keeper

November 30th, 2012

It’s time for Miss Mystic Falls, where the reigning winner is a vampire, one judge wants everyone dead and sibling’s are attacking each other with knives. Oh pageants! Find out what happened on tonight’s episode of The Vampire Diaries after the jump!

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Caroline is trying to convince Stefan to go to the Miss Mystic Falls event until she learns that Elena broke up with him because she has feelings for Damon. Then Caroline completely loses focus on helping Stefan and just wants to smack Elena. But before she can lay a verbal smackdown on her bestie, Caroline is approached by Klaus, who reminds her that she still owes him a date. Reluctantly, Caroline agrees to let Klaus accompany her to the pageant in an attempt to keep up the charade that she and Tyler have broken up. Hai Gabby Douglas!

Stefan gives Damon the good news that he and Elena broke up and Damon does a great job of pretending to not be ecstatic. Damon thinks they should find another hunter so that they don’t have to turn Jeremy into a killer and suggests they try attacking Professor Shane for info. Damon wants Stefan to go with him, but his little brother wants to be as far away as possible from the guy his ex is in love with. Fair enough.

Stefan heads to the hospital to find Jeremy’s next victim. One patient is a convicted killer and Stefan forces his blood into the man’s mouth, then promptly kills him and turns him into a vampire. I guess it’s his week to be the crazy brother.

Speaking of Professor Shane, he’s one of the judges for Miss Mystic Falls. Man, this dude really likes teenage girls. April is in the pageant and Jeremy is her escort, but he’s too busy showing Matt that he can lift two beer kegs at once to practice their dance. Ever since his ‘hunter’ side was woken, Jeremy has had extra energy and strength. He thinks it’s great, but Matt is worried that it’s going to have negative side effects. Is it just me or is Matt the smartest person in Mystic Falls this season?

That night, Jeremy has a nightmare that he killed Elena because she’s a vampire. He wakes up holding a knife in one hand and a stake in the other. Realizing that Matt’s concerns may have been warranted, he tells his friend about the dreams. Matt wants Jeremy to tell Elena, but Jeremy is convinced that he would never hurt his sister. He may not have a choice in the decision.

Hailey and Tyler are still working with hybrid’s to break their sire bond from Klaus, and today’s Klaus-victim in Kim, who is being forced to turn 20 times in one day. They take a break from the screaming to go to the pageant so that Tyler can keep an eye on Klaus and make sure he keeps his hands off Caroline.

Elena finds Damon at the pageant and tells him that he’s the reason she and Stefan broke up, but before they can talk anymore about it, Professor Shane walks up to Damon to discuss hunters. Damon slams Shane with questions about the pastor, but Shane refuses to answer anything.

Jeremy is getting his tux on for the ball when he gets a text from Stefan, telling him to meet at the Lockwood cellar. Jeremy finds the new vampire chained up and refuses to kill him, until Stefan lets go of the chains. Defending himself against the loose newborn vamp, Jeremy stakes him, helping the map grow on his arm. Stefan wants to know how much more info this death brought to Jeremy’s forearm, but the young Gilbert refuses to help Stefan, instead staking him in the stomach and then walking away.

The pageant has begun, but Jeremy isn’t there to accompany April, so Matt fills in like the new bawse that he is. Elena worries that something has happened to Jeremy, but Damon calms her down and suggests that he look for Jeremy instead.

He doesn’t find the younger Gilbert, but he does find Shane and decides to use a more direct approach. Almost breaking the Professor’s wrist, Damon demands to know where they can find another hunter. Shane informs Damon that even if a hunter completes the map and finds the sword, they will still need a special witch to cast a spell. But what kind of witch? A Bennett witch. Hellllooooo Bonnie. Wait, where the heck is Bonnie?!

Elena finally spots Jeremy at the pageant and follows him into the house. But he’s not her little brother anymore. The hunter instinct is taking over and Jeremy attacks Elena, stabbing her in the neck with a knife. He’s about to put a stake through her heart when Matt and Stefan stop him.

Finally safe from Jeremy, Stefan admits that he had Elena’s little brother kill another vampire, triggering more of his hunter instincts. Elena refuses to sacrifice her brother just to get her own life back and walks away from Stefan and towards Damon, possibly for good.

Caroline is keeping her end of the deal and is surprised to be having a good time with Klaus. He’s very charming when he’s not killing everyone she loves. Unfortunately, Tyler and his vampy-senses can hear Caroline laughing a mile away, deepening his hatred of Klaus even more.

When Tyler checks in on Kim after the pageant he finds that the hybrid has broken the sire. He texts Hailey the good news, who promptly turns around and tells her buddy, Professor Shane! Dang! Who isn’t this guy working with? Hailey tells Shane that when ‘things go down’ she doesn’t want Tyler involved. What the what?!

Concerned about Elena’s safety, Matt takes Elena’s room and moves in with Jeremy to keep an eye on him.

Of course, Elena moves in with Caroline. With Bonnie? Nope. She heads straight for the Salvatore house, forcing Stefan to move in with Caroline. Uncool, Elena.

Elena and Damon share a dance in the living room and after four damn seasons it finally happens!


Stefan is drowning his sorrows with Caroline, who still can’t understand while Elena seems like she’s under a spell with Damon, until it hits her. Damon’s blood turned Elena. Damon says jump and Elena jumps. It’s rare, but Caroline thinks that Elena is sired to Damon.

I’m calling shenanigans. Elena had feelings for Damon when she was human (we all remember the hotel make out scene of Season 3). Elena and Stefan lost the spark a long time ago and really never recovered after he turned into the Ripper. And look at that man! I rest my case.


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