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The VJ hopefuls share their thoughts on Day 1 of competition

April 2nd, 2013


The VJ hopefuls may be spending some serious hours on a bus as they travel across Canada, but that doesn’t mean we’re letting them goof off and watch TV shows. That’s our job! We’ve put our VJ Search contestants to work writing blogs on their experience on the MUCH VJ Search Reality Show and here’s what Jasmin, Joshua, Chloe, Tyson and Justine had to say about their experience on Day 1.

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The Beautiful British Columbia did not disappoint. Mother Nature was on our side and greeted us with the warmest ray of sunshine the entire time. Meeting the rest of Top 20 was like first day of school, except for the fact that I’ve already met them via my computer for the past two weeks. In my mind, we’re already friends forever. Only a select few were different from how I imagined them to be from their videos. Like Lil’ West (Lauren) is so tiny I want to keep her in my back pocket everywhere I go.

Starting our first challenge in the Vancouver CTV studio was so exciting. I couldn’t believe that we had the privilege to interview the cast of Degrassi on our first day! Apparently MuchMusic goes big or goes home. If this was our first challenge, I don’t even know what to expect for the next few weeks. What do you guys think they’ll make us do?

Jessica Tyler and Luke Bilyk are just so good looking I couldn’t stop staring at them. I got to interview the lovely Jess (Ya, we’re nickname bases. I think so anyways) and asked about her fashionable outfits and what it was like touring with Nelly Furtado. I feel like I blacked out from excitement and nerves the entire two minutes I had with her. At one point I felt like I was staring into a bright star because she was just glowing with radiance.

When we got to Stanley Park, we got right into our first elimination! I didn’t think so many of us would be emotionally invested this early on in the competition. I had a huge wake up call on how real this competition is. Luckily I made it through the first challenge (#happydance) with all of your love and support! Tweet me ( with the hashtag #Jasmin4VJ with some tips for my next challenge!

I’ve already fallen in love with so many personalities I feel a heartbreak coming pretty soon. I’m going to have to break out my emergency Ben & Jerry’s earlier then I thought. Looking forward to the scenic route we are going to have on the bus to Banff but not so much on the freezing weather. And the limited bathroom trips, I don’t think my bladder and I will get along. Let’s see what Alberta has in stored for the VJ hopefuls!



So today was my first day on this VJ Search journey. Honestly I sat in my hotel room thinking about all the crazy stuff these crazy TV masterminds would make us do…but after a while I said, you know what, I’m not Miss Cleo & I can’t tell the future so I said just roll with what ever it is and don’t think about it. Well, we had to interview the actors from Degrassi! Luke and Jessica were the cast members we had to interview. I was paired to interview Jessica! Dope! I have no problem with that. She’s gorgeous. I was a bit nervous just because it was my first time interviewing someone. But I’m glad she was my first *sigh* lol. I think for the first challenge I did pretty good. I had my a few weak spots but overall I give myself a “good job Josh”. Eliminations sent Kelsey and Myron home. Myron told me he messed up, calling Luke the wrong name. Like Daniel or something like that lol. I heard Kelsey went off at elimination and did some ‘Celebrity Rehab’ type stunts. I don’t know what the hell he was thinking. But things are getting crazier by the minute. Tension is starting to grow. But I’m not focused on that. I’m here to win this thing. Next challenge I think will be way better cause the nerves are all gone.



First of all, I want someone to pinch me because I feel like I am dreaming…. I made top 20? I MADE TOP 20!!!! Do you remember how exciting school field-trips were? No school, no chores, only the exciting thought of doing something fun and different? Well this is that for me, I feel like I’m on a field trip for young adults where we have non stop giggle fits, work hard and occasionally have a dramatic moment (or two… I’ll reveal those here in my beloved diary. And let me tell you, what you see on camera is just the peak of an iceberg.)

Twenty people and only one job. Could this be any more intense? I’m on the beast of a bus right now driving from sunny Vancouver to Banff, which is an 11 hour bus ride. 11HOURS. Everyone is hyper off too much candy and it’s not even lunch time. I have a feeling this day is going to be quite an adventure!

MuchMusic is definitely keeping us on our toes throughout this competition. There are more twists and hidden secrets than I could have imagined. Like, how the winner of today’s challenge gets immunity nn the NEXT challenge? I am going to do everything I can possibly do to make it to the top and get immunity. Watch out other VJ-hopefuls, Chloe Wilde has arrived. So our first challenge was a big surprise, interviewing two stars from DEGRASSI? Let me just say… Luke Bilyk is nice on the eyes off camera too. He was great on camera and easy to talk to, plus his favourite actor is Leonardo DiCaprio so you know he has great taste.

Alright Wilde-ones (too cheesy?), time to get back on the social train. I’ll be making fun videos as the competition goes on but I want to know what YOU want to see. Tweet me @DailyChloe, follow me on Instagram to see fun behind the scenes shots and like my Facebook page!

Much love. Chloe Wilde



What’s up Canada?! VJ Hopeful Tyson here on the bus in beautiful British Columbia driving through the mountains on the Much VJ Search bus and I wanted to give you a little update on our amazing journey! As I sit here on the bus writing, I can look around at some of the greatest scenery that Canada has to offer. It still feels like a dream…

Let’s get started with day one. We started filming the show yesterday, and what a day it was. The VJ hopefuls and I really had no idea what to expect coming into the day, and nerves were definitely high. I keep saying to the rest of the Top 18 that it feels like it was ‘five days in one’. The day started fast, and there was no time to rest. Nonetheless, day one was an incredible experience, and the best part? It’s just getting started.

At the end of the day, it was tough to say goodbye to two VJ hopefuls so early in the search, but it is all a part of the process. It’s been wild to see people bonding and cliques forming; it is everything that I expected and so much more. Truth is, I feel like half of what you’re seeing is only half of the real drama. There’s no question that there is so much more in store for all of us, and I am ready for the challenge.

I have made some great friends already, and sometimes it is difficult to remember that this is a competition. It feels like I have known some of the VJ hopefuls for years, and it’s only been a couple of days. We have a little family here, and it’s only going to get harder and harder to say bye to more people.

I am still trying to take all of this experience in, and I keep saying ‘pinch me’, because this does feel like a dream. I’m stoked to continue to share my VJ journey with you Canada, so be sure to stay tuned for more! Follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook – and I’ll give you the VJ Search goods! Your support means a ton, and lets get that #Tyson4VJ hashtag going!

Until next time…



Soon after arrival in Vancouver we were faced with our first challenge. Lauren told us we would be interviewing the stars of hit MuchMusic TV series Degrassi. This was my first celebrity interview, so of course I was a bit scared and I didn’t know what to expect.

Soon after we were handed information packages, I found out I would be interviewing Luke Bilyk who plays Drew Torres. We were only given a small window to research each actor in order to prep for our two minute interview. It was a bit hard to stay focused seeing as we were all confined in a small conference room at CTV, after what seemed like a lifetime my name was called so off to the balcony I went. One of the producers handed me A MUCHMUSIC MIC! (Dream come true) I walked down the balcony and met up with Luke and it was go time. I asked him some questions about the pressures of being seen as a role model and an event he was hosting next month on youth empowerment. I wrapped up our interview by getting Luke to do some highland dancing (surprised he was ok with it) lol. My main takeaways from the experience were to be more present and not to let my nerves get the best of me.

Later that evening, Kevy, Boe, Brian, Myron, Kyle and I all went out for dinner and took the streets of Vancouver by storm filming some crazy Call Me Maybe videos.


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